Real story of football in Scotland in Fifa corruption shadow


This morning world football has plenty reason to be ashamed of itself. US prosecutors yesterday charged 16 Fifa officials, on top of the 14 charged earlier this year. As well as taking bribes and kick-backs, it is alleged money designated for charitable causes such as the relief of natural disasters, were siphoned off by Fifa executives. In recent years we’ve seen how revenue from charity games have been hijacked by club officials to pay bills, or perhaps fund signing bids for Daniel Cousin.

Tomorrow you are going to see the most Ethical Football Club in the World do its thing. Thousands of you will support the Foundation Christmas Appeal by putting money in buckets as you enter the ground.

That money will do incredible things.

It will support the Scottish Refugee Council, as they aid some of the world’s most vulnerable who have recently arrived in Scotland.

It will support the volunteers who run The Invisibles,  who help homeless charities in Glasgow by providing sleeping bags, clothing and toiletries for rough sleepers.


It will support the Glasgow City Mission, in their work with vulnerable adults and families with disadvantaged pre-school children.

It will support the incredible work of the Wayside Club, who provide food, shower, shaving and First Aid facilities to Glasgow’s homeless 365 days a year.

It will support Loaves and Fishes, who open their doors to people who need clothes, toiletries and food.

It will support Glasgow East Women’s Aid, who work with women, children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

And it will support the Salvation Army, who have been a lifeline for countless thousands for longer than Celtic have been in existence.
Salvation Army

The bar on ethics in football is not set particularly high, few clubs have a social mission as their core value. None do it like Celtic, the most Ethical Football Club in the World – bar none.

This is the story of football in Scotland 2015, no matter what happens in Switzerland or the Concafa region. You should be proud of your part in this great story.  Let’s make it a good one tomorrow – and let people know this is happening tomorrow.


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  1. Did Alex Thompson no say that Celtic fans were worse animals than, Millwall’s ?


    Only asking….oh and, did he not ‘cheaply’ take a dig at Hugh Keevins in the Radio Clyde studio one night…asking why HK didny write about all the hun stuff, whilst, at the same time…Neil Lennon was getting death threats ?


    Aye,….alright for tough guy Thompson…who could fly back down south to his safe haven in England, eh ?


    Would Thompson have been so tough if, like Keevins….he had to live in amongst all the animals…up here ?



  2. TET,


    Because they all have everything so when/if it ever does go bang it will be the shortest feeding frenzy in history, slow feeding frenzy is called eating :)

  3. FourGreenFields on 4th December 2015 12:13 pm




    MO’N tried to reach out to the ‘national’ media with his media conference in the Nou Camp after Neil took all the abuse at ibrokes days earlier.


    If, Celtic’c board had refused to go to the gov-summit after the shame-game, then called a ‘national’ media conference to explain why…we could already be in the EPL by now…imho.

  4. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on 4th December 2015 10:50 am Go packers



    *they can keep Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL, mibbees of all time.

  5. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    HONEST JOURNALISTS SHOULD, INDEED, BE ALL OVER ALL THIS …. I do, however, get the impression AT will be busy at the moment in Syria etc….HH

  6. Kelvinbhoy


    sorry to hear about your loss,


    thoughts with you and our family at this time.





    you keep chipping away sir


    more power to you and others in your persuit of justice for me.

  7. FGF~Canman~67H


    Yip, but why are they sitting on it ?




    You said if it ever goes bang, are you doubting ?


    IMO, this is the biggest scandal in brit sport, it has the lot, corruption from the top to the bottom, and a smattering of Porn to boot.


    When AT had his blog up and running a year or so back, I used to post frequently on it, till the day I mentioned the Cabal, not another post from me was allowed.


    Their tenticals are everywhere.



  8. Auldheid 11.49


    What you and the others involved in res 12 have my gratitude, its not easy and too many vested interests want this suppressed

  9. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Germany have agreed to take part in bombing Syria yet more money that could be used better will go towards bombs.We never learn. H,H,



    By Ruairi Daly 1 hour ago 2 min read time 264 reads No comments yet


    All eyes are on the Celtic development squad after Kieran Tierney’s rise through the ranks at Celtic, and Scott Brown believes Aidan Nesbitt is the next man up.



    The 18-year-old striker has only made one first team appearance – a four minute cameo against Raith Rovers earlier this year – but Brown has seen enough to be impressed by the young Scot.



    Speaking at a Q&A event hosted by the Celtic View, the Celtic captain tipped Aidan Nesbitt to be the next youth player to follow in Kieran Tierney’s steps.




    Nesbitt and Tierney have played together for many years already and won the Scott Youth Cup earlier this year together. Since then, Tierney has pushed on to become the first-team starter at left-back over Emilio Izaguirre.



    However, Nesbitt has not had the chance yet to showcase his talents in the first-team but given his success in the development squad and UEFA Youth League for Celtic, a call-up to the senior team won’t be too far away.



    Jeff Holmes/Getty Images SportJeff Holmes/Getty Images Sport



    You can catch the Celtic development squad in action tonight in the Premier League International Cup when they take on Chelsea. The game will be broadcast live on ChelseaTV, with kick-off at 7.05pm.

  11. KEVJUNGLE on 4th December 2015 11:19 am



    Gie it a rest Kev…………..The only charity the Old Board contributed to was the stuffed suitcase one.



    As for Keevin’s using cowardice for not telling the truth about the SFA/Huns running our game into the dirt, why does he take a wage as a JOURNALIST?

  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Germany Wont be involved in a combat role in Syria 1200 troops and planes are being sent but in a support role only .H.H.

  13. With a nod to BillNowell..this is the slim offering from Tony’s Huddle today






    “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.”



    Who said this?



    And no the answer isn’t Auldheid in his last missive to the SFA about Resolution 12.



    No One Walks Alone

  14. Bit embarrassing..



    The BBC documentary on the Forth Road Bridge has just won a Scottish Bafta…



    All about how it was built, how it is maintained, how iconic, how Scottish, how ..etc..



    And 3 weeks later it is shut down until after New Year because of structural faults…




  15. Where’s Big Micks dosh?




    Has Ashley Been Paid Yet?


    It’s now a week since the media were all buzzing with the news from the Rangers (IL)/Sevco AGM at the Clyde Auditorium that the £5m over for loan to Mike Ashey was to be repaid.



    The news, an about turn as to whether it was in the Ibrox club(s) best interest to pay the debt, was announced by the chairman, Dave King, a man once described by a South African judge as ‘mendacious’ and a ‘glib and shameless liar.’



    Not that these assumptions bothered our own SFA, they just saw the man from Castlemilk as fit and proper, whatever that means at Hampden.



    The news also came as a bit of as surprise to those of us who have been keeping an eye, no pun intended, on the proceedings at Ibrox.



    How the board could go from possibly to definitely having the money in such a short space of time was almost miraculous considering they need ‘soft loans’ from Directors to keep the lights on. Though after midweek, they might need more than soft loans to keep the roof on!



    So, a week on from the standing ovation, and we’ve still no heard any triumphant declaration of the debt being settled, allowing the ‘Berz’ to use their Intellectual Property without restriction and continue to use Auchenhowie, Edminson House and the world famous Albion Car Park.



    I hope Dave King hasn’t been lying again. With only five day to go before appears in a London court, you’d think he might practice telling the truth…

  16. Rwe,



    But to be fair, it was the documentary that won the award, not the structure.




  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    Friday lunchtime, busiest non-match day slot on CQN, and only 4 posters between 1.00 and 1.30pm, total of 6 posts. 10 posts in the half hour before that.



    It’s a pity. Time was friday lunchtime had to be extended to get through all the comments. Took me longer to write this than it did to read that last hour’s comments.

  18. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Forth Road Bridge to be closed until new year due to structural defects


    Extra rail services and other alternatives planned for those heading into Edinburgh after serious cracks found in steelwork



    Bill Damgallow Scotland editor


    Friday 4 December 2015 10.52 GMT Last modified on Friday 4 December 2015 13.31 GMT



    The Forth Road Bridge is to remain closed to all traffic until early January for emergency repairs and reallocation of rare bolts , in a move which will cause chaos for commuters, hauliers and holiday-makers.



    Transport Scotland announced on Friday morning that the bridge, one of Scotland’s most important and heavily-used road routes, would be shut for the rest of December and only reopen once people return to work soon after New Year’s Day.



    The surprise announcement came after the bridge was shut to all traffic just before midnight on Thursday, after serious cracks were discovered in steel parts, creating chaotic scenes and heavy congestion for commuters and drivers.



    There were 11-mile tailbacks reported as commuters headed into the Edinburgh area from Fife, Tayside and Perthshire on Friday morning, following several days of lane closures after the defect was originally detected earlier in the week.



    Transport Scotland and police reported 11-mile tailbacks along narrower roads in the area as drivers headed off the A90 dual carriageway for alternative bridges at Kincardine and Clackmannan further down the Forth.



    The decision to close the bridge until the new year came at a meeting of the Scottish government’s resilience committee chaired by Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister, on advice from bridge engineers and independent experts.



    Transport Scotland said urgent work was under way to increase rail services and capacity, create a dedicated bus corridor with extra park and ride facilities, as well as reintroduce passenger ferry services across the Firth of Forth.



    The road bridge will remain open only to emergency vehicles.



    Derek Mackay, the Scottish transport minister, said: “The decision to close the Forth Road Bridge is not taken lightly. It is based on the expert opinion of the engineers who operate the bridge day to day and that of independent experts in the field.



    “Every effort is being made to open the bridge as quickly as possible but safety is the main priority. However, these works are weather dependent given the height and location of the bridge. We are aware of the potential economic impact, for strategic traffic in the east of Scotland and on people living in local communities.



    “This is an unprecedented challenge in the maintenance of the Forth Road Bridge. On balance following advice from engineers and independent experts, the full closure is essential for the safety of the travelling public and to prevent further damage to the structure of the bridge.”



    Mark Arndt, an engineer with the bridge’s maintenance firm Amey who have also recently been awarded the contract for the maintenance of Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, said: “This is a complex engineering challenge. The component failure is in a difficult to access location and our response is also highly dependent on weather conditions.



    “We continue to work around the clock on inspections, assessments and calculations along with the development of designs to effect the necessary repairs and reallocation of rare bolts , while at the same time mobilising all the resources required to reopen the bridge as soon as is possible.”



    Transport Scotland said it had considered allowing traffic to continue using the bridge during the repairs and reallocation of rare bolts , including a temporary ban on HGVs,but that had been ruled out because it increased the risk of causing extensive secondary damage to the structure.



    ScotRail has added extra carriages and tried to add extra services from Fife and Tayside to increase capacity for commuters and travellers. A ScotRail spokesman told BBC Good Morning Scotland it hoped to increase seating by 25%.



    The defect has highlighted the bridge’s age: it is now more than 50 years old, and has survived longer and with far heavier traffic than originally expected. Ministers are now building a £1.4bn replacement road bridge, the Queensferry Crossing, directly alongside it which is due to open later in 2016.



    Willie Rennie, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader and a Fife MSP, said the government had to publish Transport Scotland’s full contingency plans as soon as possible, including details of extra rail services.



    “People living in Edinburgh and Fife now face the prospect of weeks of disruption,” Rennie said. “This is the last thing that we needed to see in the run in to Christmas. Safety must come first, but this extended closure will cause huge inconvenience and impact on families and businesses alike. We need to be reassured that everything is being done to manage the disruption as best possible.”



    Andy Willox, Scottish policy convener for the Federation of Small Businesses, said the closure would alarm businesses across the country. They would need clear advice on alternative routes.



    “Not only will this closure impact those that use the bridge to bring their goods or services to market, employers of all description will face serious disruption,” he said. “While matters of safety should override other concerns, every effort should be made to minimise the impact on the economy.”

  19. Now there is a blog leader that will bring me out of lurkerdom!



    Just fantastic Paul, a fistful of dollars going in the bucket on my behalf.



    May we have more regular contributions on the blog in support of these charities please?

  20. Celtic manager Ronny Deila says it was important for the club to lay down a marker with striker Anthony Stokes, while he hopes the player will learn from a two-week suspension handed to him.



    Stokes slammed Celtic for taking him to Inverness last weekend, but then not including him in the matchday squad. He took to social media and blasted the Bhoys, expressing his displeasure at a lack of first team football.






    Deila has wasted no time in disciplining Stokes and feels that the striker will learn from being punished for his infraction. The Norwegian believes that the suspension will turn out to be good for Stokes in the long run, but did indicate that the punishment does not relate to one single incident.



    Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Deila was asked about Stokes and replied: “Everyone understands it’s not about that single incident.


    There have been some issues in the past and we felt we had to put down a marker. It will be good for us and Anthony as well”, he continued.




    I’ll Be Patient For Celtic Chance – Scott Allan


    Celtic Hand Anthony Stokes Two-Week Suspension


    Celtic Went Through Mental Barrier To Beat Inverness Feels Ronny Deila


    Carlton Cole On Bench – Celtic Team vs Inverness Confirmed


    Rangers Must Be Rivalling Celtic And Playing In Europe Says Gers Supremo


    “Hopefully he will come back and we can keep him working. I won’t go into different issues, between me, him and the club.



    “These are things we deal with internally.”



    And Deila insists that Stokes does still have a part to play at Celtic Park, but he stressed the striker needs to improve certain aspects of his game, not unlike other players at Paradise.



    “He has a future here. Of course, he has things he needs to improve on, and that’s the same with all the players.



    “If people are improving, they have a future, and he can play football”, the Norwegian explained.



    “If he makes the improvement that we want, anything is possible. He has a contract at Celtic and he has a talent, and we want to get the best out of this talent.”

  21. “Everyone understands it’s not about that single incident”




    That’ll be news to some on here Tone.




  22. Florida bhoy,



    Every chance.



    Obviously depends on what the guys have been like in training all week but I can see him taking the place of the guy he replaced on Sunday.





  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    Lord Carloway, the Lord Justice Clerk, is the No 2 judge in Scotland. Advocate, QC, Law Lord, Privy Counsellor.



    Lord Menzies, Advocate, QC, Law Lord, Privy Counsellor



    Lord Drummond Young, Advocate, QC, Law Lord, Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission



    They delivered a unanimous verdict in the Rangers/Murray Group tax case. Not a split verdict. There was no dissenting opinion. Three of the top legal minds in the country came to the same, unambiguous view that the use of EBT’s in this case represented nothing more than a redirection of earnings.



    BDO’s counsel, in their appeal to the Supreme Court, will have to show that three of the top scholars in the game, acting together in considering the circumstances of the case, erred in their interpretation of the Law, the very thing they’ve been



    It’ll be quite a triumph if they pull it off, and of course, they may well. But irrespective of the outcome of the (final) appeal to the Supreme Court, the SFA has no grounds to ignore the fact that a member club acted to conceal payments to players and others amounting to almost £50M, and that those concealing such payments were serving as Directors of the governing bodies.



    Remember, in all of this, the SFA has taken no action whatsoever. None. despite their FIFA mandate to “protect the Game from abuses”.



    Time to test the true meaning of “ultmost good faith” and “fiduciary duty”. Anything else would be “an affront to common sense”.



    Failing which, count me in if there’s a crowd-funding appeal to support the costs for a Judicial Review.

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