Referee lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour? Watch your back, Celtic


Well done to the Daily Record for revealing that SFA referee, Eddie Smith, was the policeman who reported Celtic fans to Uefa for singing offensive songs against Rennes last month.  Smith was one of the referees who declined to make his services available as referees went on strike last season while Celtic took-on the SFA amid accusations of lies, bullying, sectarian behaviour and cover-ups among referees at the association.  He is no longer on the Grade 1 list.

Following the strike the SFA Head of Referee Administration was removed from his post and referee, Dougie MacDonald, who was accused of lying to Celtic manager, Neil Lennon, resigned, prompting then-Celtic chairman, Dr John Reid, to say the club felt vindicated in raising their concerns.

Vindicated, no doubt, but with more than a few feeling bitter towards the club.

While the Daily Record can reflect on some good work today, bizarrely, the Scotsman newspaper accused Celtic fans of sectarian chanting at the Rennes game, something even police-gossip, Eddie Smith, didn’t accuse them of.

Why stop at accusations of sectarian behaviour?  If the Scotsman are going to be ridiculous, why not accused Celtic fans of genocide and treason?  Better still, just say lots of them have funny names, go to strange schools but will never ascent to the British throne.

Celtic have 123-years of non-sectarian history, it is downright offensive to suggest otherwise.

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  1. Bamboo,



    were you at the game ?



    We are not up on a charge for no reason.




  2. The Ghood will prevail says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:32



    Exactly… let’s hope Ghood sense will prevail :)




  3. Im a wee bit lost with all this PC plod stuff, is the suggeston (to Uefa) that the songs allegedly sung were offensive, illict(?) or sectarian or really does it just depend what tabloid you read?

  4. can someone please come out and say what the song(s) in question is


    getting very fed up with this

  5. The Battered Bunnet on




    It seems to me that the nature of policing has changed markedly in the past 10 years or so.



    The treatment of the Green Brigade reflects the approach taken by other Police Forces in the UK when gathering intelligence on assorted groups of activists. There seems to be no formal checks and balances to their activity, with much of the justification stemming from ‘War on Terror’ legislation, applied now to areas of society for which it was not designed or intended.. Some of the outcomes have been breathtaking. See:









    The Scottish flavour may be less outrageous, but perhaps more ‘subversive’. The Police it seems have become a driver of legal change, rather than an implementer of it. As the cases above highlight, the broken lines of responsibility and accountability outside of the formal Police ranks has led to an increasing impression that the Police manage themselves according to their own agenda, and are unaccountable outside of the formality of rank.



    I think Judge Dredd got into bother for this type of thing.



    Doubtless I’ll get a chap at the door later….

  6. Buns sing sectarian songs. We sing political songs. Sectarian songs are illegal but political songs are legal. Solution for Sfa, Snp and polis? Criminalize Our political songs! Result? One side is as bad as the other.


    If only the government could destroy the criminal justice data proving that scotland is an anti RC hellhole. Oh wait…!

  7. Hello Friends. First post.



    I read the blog, and the comments, every day, but am slow to anger, and slow to make my mind up about stuff, which is one of the reasons it took me so long to post!


    There are some blacks, and some whites, and a lot of greys in the world but I believe an ultimate truth does exist and the answers lie within us.



    Hopefully I will stop talking BS and contribute (always positively) to the discussions regarding our club but as a start I attach below a link to UEFAs disciplinary regulations with regard to the current issues.



    UEFA Disciplinary Regulations



    The relevant parts are Article 5.2(c), which relates to “clubs, as well as their players, officials and members”, and Article 6.1, which states that “Member associations and clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players,


    officials, members, supporters…”.



    In summary, the club is responsible for the the fans behaviour re: “manifestations of a non-sporting nature”. I think this is pretty clear in stating that political and cultural “manifestations” (i.e. songs, chants, banners, t-shirts, sign-language, haircuts and pet’s costumes) are not allowed in football stadia.



    This is obviously difficult, (or impossible), to implement universally, and depends on a complaint being made against the requisite group to bring it to the governing bodies attention.



    I expect, therefore, a warning or a reprimand from UEFA, (Article 14.1 (a) or (b), and I imagine this is one of the reasons PL said what he did about the Provisional IRA at the AGM.



    I guess what I’m asking is how far should we go in defending freedom of thought and expression including religion and culture? (The answer as far as I’m concerned would be: to the death), and is our football club a price worth paying to this end? I hope I’m wrong but in my gut I feel the threat of impending revolution, and am not afraid to say it scares me, but it also motivated me to write this. I believe the club and the culture are one and the same. An Irish and Scottish marriage, and our choice is to either know and use the law, or revolt against it. Will justice always be a Utopian fairy tale? I’m saddened and angered, and can only see reasonable and intelligent people as a minority, walking in the shadows of ignorance. I hope daily for peaceful rebellion and justice.

  8. Hope they’ve got it right this time;


  understands that Southampton have opened talks with Celtic over Dutch defender Jos Hooiveld.



    The Saints have made their move to try and tie down Hooivled as they look to fend off interest from rival clubs.


  understands a number of Premier League clubs are closely following Hooiveld after he impressed during his stay at St Mary’s.



    The central defender joined Southampton in August on a loan deal until January.



    The 28-year-old has since emerged as one of the best defenders in the Championship, playing a pivotal role in their fine form which has taken them clear at the top of the table.



    Southampton are now hoping to finalise a permanent deal for the former FC Copenhagen man which would see him sign for the club in January.

  9. socrates mulligan on

    re BOTOB, why not belt it out without the words….it works fine for the Lonesome Boatman…….I know some will say this is giving in to the authorities but just think how frustrating this would be for those who wish to find fault…..maybe it would sound even better if enough fans were good whistlers

  10. Saint Stivs



    Jeezo with the hangover I had yesterday its probably just as well I wasn’t in attendance :)

  11. BTW, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain wrote an excellent article about the Euro crisis over the weekend.



    This isn’t just a currency crisis or a public debt crisis or a banking crisis, it is now also a crisis of democracy, with countries like Ireland, Greece, and now Italy being effectively governed by the European Commission and its placemen.





    Sadly, in Ireland, it seems the only political party that has grasped how dangerous the EU is to its members is Sinn Fein. “Respectable” opinion in Ireland still has its lips glued to the EU’s boots. The Oireachtas is now just a rubber stamp to put a convenient local face on decisions made by the Commission and ECB, decisions that will condemn a generation of Irish people to poverty or emigration.



    In Britain, the Eurosceptics used to be derided as Bufton Tufton-like little Englanders or swivel-eyed Johnny Foreigner hating bovver boys.



    Only a few years ago, the Euro was The Wave Of The Future, supported by all the right thinking people.



    How quickly times change, eh? (thumbsup)

  12. kickin



    I understand there have been talks ongoing for some time, and the hun demise is only facilitating a speedier exit route, now with all the political involvement it will only hasten the process, as for time span, DD thought he would be gone by now, I know no more than that.



    What’s happening in scotland, and it’s an opinion that many hold, is the establishment know they can’t save the hun, so they want to take us down as well.



    Im afraid for them their plan will backfire, we will escape at some point in the near future, I will bet my cave on that.

  13. Just been thinking about some underlying psychological issues regarding the ‘offensive songs’ bill.



    I find it most interesting to note that the legislation will allow us to sing what essentially amounts to laments of our oppression under the brutal yoke of a colonial regime but not about rising up against said oppression (the very thing that would otherwise be espoused by those championing the bill, had we – The Scots – not given up our own struggles several hundred years ago).



    So, there you have: it’s not offensive to remind yourself (and ancestors) of being brutally mistreated, but it is offensive to remind oneself of throwing off the shackles of oppression.



    It really is a ‘keep Timmy down’ bill.

  14. Fortunes Favour Mibbes says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:17



    Page not showing, not on Facebook so I don’t know if that is why.



    “This content is currently unavailable


    The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”

  15. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Declan Is Neil Lennon 1888: 14 November, 2011 at 14:34



    “for me it is water off a cows back.”



    I think you’re getting you metaphors mixed up a wee bit there. Still, at least it wasn’t a goat’s back…

  16. Fortune Favours



    By all means defend free speech. But please don’t do so in the name of Celtic, do it on your own account.



    Someone else asked me if I was at the Rennes game, sorry I can’t recall whom. The point of the question is not lost, but the point I made clearly has been. I stated that I don’t know what it is we’re supposed to be commenting on – there is virtually no detail from reliable sources (so many online sources having proven to be utterly unreliable). So we should really wait and see. I am deeply offended by some of the bile on CQN today. However it comes from entirely reliable sources – people whom I truly believe don’t have Celtic’s best interests at heart. They are self centred egotists who are more in love with their debating point than our club.


    You really have to wonder why anyone would ever want to get into this kind of debate in the context of sport – it’s ridiculous. And it would be highly entertaining to see some of these people try on their amateur debating tactics in serious company. Indeed if you want to be taken seriously – grow up (not you, whomever you are) and start acting seriously.


    And this isn’t complicated – if you’re intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate, moral and ethical there is no discussion.

  17. bontybhoy,



    carefull they will question your credibility and call you a hun making sensible posts like that.




  18. dirtymac says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:49



    was it kenny “hear no evil” macaskill who said about opponents to the bill to “leave 1916 in Ireland behind”; yes because the SNP are leaving Bannockburn 1314 behind, never mind 1707. not to mention mr macaskill once had to spend the night in a cell due to his own, shall we say, ‘offensiveness’ or indeed ‘illicitness’ at a scotland-england match.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme says:


    14 November, 2011 at 14:52



    Yeah; wanted tae duck that wan.



    I’ll get ma coat!



    Get the sentiment though.



    HH Gerry

  20. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    So now we know what the future will look like.. Strathclyde Police (Match Commander) reports Celtic to U.E.F.A. for a few supporters chanting ‘illicit’ songs whatever they might be – while the same Strathcyde Police report nothing to U.E.F.A. when thousands of Rangers’ supporters chant illegal songs during the ‘Game of Shame’ and during the League Cup Final. At least Christine Grahame will be happy – or will she, as this is not ‘levelling out’ in anyone’s book.

  21. That´s Hobby Tony V1.0 back up and running.



    Too good a day to miss out on.



    btw dont forget .. especially if you have kids or you are one



    Facebook has rolled out a new feature that relies on facial recognition technology to automatically identify users in photos posted to the site and recommend people that others can tag in these images.



    The feature, which was already live in the U.S., is now being launched in “most countries,” according to Facebook, and has led privacy advocates to chastise the social network.



    Not comfortable with the feature? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how users can disable the facial recognition feature.



    Go to “Account settings” and once there, go to “Privacy settings”



    Hail Hail

  22. Cheers Coorslad, there was me slagging ye of on the blog, you’re tip came in second…… my donkey choice was in fact ……. a donkey, I had 5 EW on youre tip so all is good.



    ps Debbie all I want for Christmas is a Celtic bar scarf………. ta hen :¬)






  23. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo – Not comfortable with the feature? Here’s a step-by-step guide to how users can disable the facial recognition feature.



    This Facebook stuff is getting a little bit creepy, no?



    That’s why I’m not on Facebook.



    My face isn’t in any books, except “The Handsome Man Almanac”, and the annual list of influential podium winners, “Who’s That?”. (thumbsup)

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