Smell of blood on the brown brogues


Read this morning that the Tynecastle pitch is 19-years-old.  Celtic’s is less than three-years-old.  Hearts have responded quickly to criticisms of their surface and will have a new pitch laid before the end of the month.  Having a top quality football pitch in Scotland isn’t a cheap business.  Celtic pay £500k per year in running, maintenance and depreciation costs for the sunlamp system which keeps the grass as alive as it is.  On top of that there’s costs for ground staff, under-soil heating and various other equipment.

And more at Lennoxtown, of course.  You wouldn’t believe the costs involved in running a football operation at a club with facilities the size of Celtic Park and Lennoxtown.  Modern football in massive stadiums isn’t something you can carry out on a shoestring.

On the Newco debacle at Dundee yesterday; this wouldn’t have happened under Mike Ashely’s watch, whether you regard that particular scenario as malevolent or benevolent. With an active link to Ashley, Newco would benefit from professionalism in the boardroom and better players in the dressing room.  What we’re now enjoying is 100% the work of Dave King, who during his electioneering phase promised so much.

Instead of an Ashley appointed CEO, manager and selection of players from Newcastle’s secondary squad, they’ve sacked their manager and given the guy who put the cones out for the youth team responsibility to finish above Aberdeen. The upshot of this is that the players they need to dig them out of this mess – like Kenny Miller who is not being offered a new contract – know that the decks will be cleared for the new manager.  This is a perfect way to demotivate a squad.

If Celtic (or Aberdeen) win the Scottish Cup, the top four Premiership places qualify for Europe, which would be reassuring for Newco, were it not for St Johnstone, who sit six points adrift from them. But unlike Newco, St Johnstone only have to play Celtic one more time this season.  Saints manager Tommy Wright will smell blood on the brown brogues.  Don’t bet against him.

The message below is from Vmham, who is one of the brave souls cycling from Celtic Park to Lisbon in May.  Please get involved with this magnificent project if you can, there is more information on the MyDonate page linked below:

“CQN’ers, as you may know I’ve been training most of last year for an epic cycle from Celtic park  to Estadio Nacional in Lisbon 25th May 2017.  We wanted to mark the 50th anniversary of the “first British team” to win the European cup, Celtic done it in style with a team whose 11 players were born within a 30ml radius of Celtic park.  As a CQN’er I was involved in the bringing home Kano campaign way back and have contributed financially to support CQN’s website and still do. If anyone would like to sponsor me you can by clicking here on MyDonate page, thanks folks and see you at the party in Lisbon :>)


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  1. Jimtim



    Why would Johnjames be a friend of Celtic? He was a supporter of Rangers (1872-2012).



    He’s certainly no friend of the current Sevco board, nor of Doncaster and Regan and the organisations which they head.



    He has condemned them mercilessly for the mess they have created through their support for the ‘same club’ narrative, mocking the conferring of over 100 major honours on what he recognises as a 4 year old club.



    And he has quite rightly called out present day Scottish football for the farce it has become.

  2. BT



    Fantastic news buddy. Delighted for the wee man. With all his battles he has the strength of a Lion and a Lisbon Lion to give him strength, as well as the rest of your BT family.



    Best news today.




  3. How much would I love to see Sutton United gun Arsenal tonight? Don’t usually take an interest in English Billionbaw but tonight C’mon Sutton United.



    Added bonus would be Ersatz FC getting their new boss quicker as Venger is their man and he won’t need big money as he’s already load red. Canny wait for that. :@-)))




  4. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    BT – great news. Well done to then young fhella!



    BGFC – you are right; we were given a homily at St Mary’s that we should not seek revenge. As Fr T pointed out, vengeance is a poison we drink ourselves!



    ALMORE – ACGR gave me his season ticket for you.





  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    RS praising Aberdeen to the hilt for a late win at Kilmarnock. When we did that last season they ripped us to shreds!

  6. VFR: He texted me yesterday. I’ll be in touch closer to the match.



    BTW, I am still on the look out for one ticket for the match v Soft Loans Co. on March 12th if anyone can oblige.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    GARY67 on 20TH FEBRUARY 2017 6:32 PM


    Is it compulsory for Sportsound to have one of the Ferguson brothers on their panel every night?




    No. It’s only compulsory that it’s a brain dead hun. It’s just coincidence that that of the great many brain dead huns out there, it happens to be a Ferguson.

  8. Had a great day yesterday at my granddaughter s christening,reading back like I do,starry plough Hamilton bhoys done good yesterday,GFTB your some man:-)).canamalar do you ever take a day of that high horse?jeso:-))

  9. BEATBHOY on 20TH FEBRUARY 2017 6:16 PM



    He’s now claiming credit for the bill having been paid.



    The Battered Bunnet reckons he’s a wrong ‘un, and not to be trusted. An expert in the dark arts with an agenda no one can fathom.



    I reckon he’s Brian Spanner’s alter ego.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Well done the nephew, wish him all the best in his new career.



    The west end wendys dont take that shit from no one :OD))


    Friends of the west end will be publishing a response in the strongest terms in both local and national meeja publications, probably through the letters column or 5th column.



    The police are responsible and paid to respond to criminal behviour, that they are focused on political priorities is the responsibility of the judiciary. Choosing investigations and responding to complaints is a policy decision, as AOW identified earlier. People not discouraged from behaving unacceptability assume their behaviour is acceptable and continue.


    Apparently our representitives in elected positions of authority are ok with the focus of the juducuary.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shocking defence of Bowman on Rs. Won the ball, not that type of player, Tierney was okay.

  12. Coming close to boiling point regarding the BBC Radio Scotland discussion on Tierney. McDonald allowed to pass a Motherwell defence of their player off as fact. Ably assisted by “Bazza” saying these things happen.


    No balance at all


    Shambles of a programme

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Shocking story about Sevco not paying Morton. Next someone will be saying they didn’t pay Hearts the full amount for Lee Wallace…..

  14. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Mondays are smashing. New episodes of Black Sails on Amazon and new Walking Dead on Fox.




  15. Sin City Bhoy on 20th February 2017 5:22 pm



    I don’t know how sore KT’s knee will be today but he walked in and sat at the table beside me yesterday lunch time.


    Well, I didn’t actually see him walk in but he didn’t have sticks with him and I don’t think the guy with hime gave him a piggy back.


    I know the pictures weren’t pretty and the guy should definetly have walked but they would have had ice on it all Saturday night to prevent swelling. He was one lucky boy though.

  16. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Evening All.



    Busy oul day today and a busy oul day on Saturday before the football.



    Now, who fancies a wee abseil down from the top of the North stand to the hallowed turf of Paradise below?



    Come where are our daredevils? Those never say die kinda folk who just can’t buy a thrill?



    The Battered Bunnet comes to mind. He is forever climbing big heights, going for long walks, filling his lungs with mountain clean air and the fruits of healthy exercise before sitting down for a fag and a brandy and port!



    Come on sign up for living on the edge ………. literally!



    More details here: http://charity.celticfc.net/news/554



    Alternatively, if you really like spitting in the eye of danger and can’t resist taking a real risk, I have three spare seats available for the Celtic Charity Foundation Sporting Dinner which takes place on the 2nd of March — That’s a Thursday by the way.



    Now any dinner hosted by Peter Martin is a bit dangerous, and one where the raffle is conducted by Andy Cameron is positively unsafe. However, where this is really life threatening is that Malorbhoy threatens to by a drink as he and his wife will be in attendance, and worst of all if you want to come you get to sit at the same table as me and so have to listen to my verbal pish in real time!!



    As it is the 50th anniversary of something there is a Lisbon Lions Q & A thing as well.



    It might even be fun!



    Anyone wanting to go should give me a shout at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk



    The Lisbon plans advance a pace, though the price of hotels is fair going through the roof.



    Something must be happening in May!




  17. RS sports department must be the preserve of those who hate the Celtic. They never seem to have anything good to say about us. At least Sportscene has Michael Stewart on regularly. He (and Thomson to be fair) said it was a straight red. No equivocation.

  18. Ernie Lynch



    You and TBB may well be right, but he has consistently challenged and mocked the Big Lie, and has written accurately about what would have happened in 1994 had the shoe been on the other foot.



    From an article, “Imagine There’s No Celtic”.



    “Prior to addressing the points raised. . . I will pose a question that has often occurred to me. In 1994, when The Bank of Scotland called in Celtic’s overdraft of £2.5m at the request of David Murray, did he pause to consider the impact on the Old Firm games? In his arms race to win at all costs, was crushing Celtic into the dust the desired outcome, or did he wish to so debilitate the club that they would be liquidated and never pose a viable threat after their renascence?  Did he wish to effectively remove the biggest thorn in his flesh, Celtic’s European Cup win of 1967, and place their very history in Room 101?



    It’s my firm contention that he and his cabal of freemasons at The Bank of Scotland planned to eradicate the Celtic that so many love or hate for all time.



    Which leads to my second point. Would the SFA have gone out of their way to assist the renascent Celtic with the same vigour and imaginative zeal that they devoted to the establishment club in 2012?  Would renowned Celtic-hater Jim Farry have transferred the licence of the old club to Celtic Newco as they made their debut in the lowest tier of Scottish football? I posit that he would have done nothing of the sort and would have done everything in his bigoted power to dance on their grave.”




    I reckon it would have been a red if BT rather than Sky were showing the game.

  20. As regards to the KT tackle ,I was in Seattle to watch Celtic v Man Utd MON was the manager a young united player took a liberty with a Celtic player we got a free kick


    About 15 mins later Chris Sutton nailed the young guy. I remember Roy Keene standing near by killing himself laughing at the young guy lying in pain


    That’s how pros take care of their team mates it is how it should be done and expected to be done

  21. BEATBHOY on 20TH FEBRUARY 2017 7:29 PM



    So he might be a Tim pretending to be a hun, or a hun pretending to be Tim pretending to be a hun.

  22. prestonpans bhoys on

    Johnjames now confirming that Morton were paid today……….as a result of the pressure created by his blog !!

  23. Moonbeams @ 6:29: Would have similarly enjoyed seeing Sutton do well today… right up until they took the Murdoch dollar and plastered the Sun over everything they could