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When (not if) the season is called, the dirty little subject will rear its head, Celtic have five postponed home league games on the season ticket.  While Celtic are likely to be Last Man Standing after the financial crisis that will engulf the game following on from the health crisis, we are set to lose tens of millions of pounds and will inevitably lose money over this period.

What next season will look like remains uncertain; we don’t know when football will resume behind closed doors, when fans will be able to attend or enough clubs will survive to give us a competition.  With so many doubts, we cannot be complacent, which is why players and execs took a pay cut and non-essential staff were furloughed.  In short, we need to retain as much income reduce costs where possible.

There is another side of this story.  We have over 50,000 season ticket holders, many of whom have been without an income in weeks, some are on reduced wages and, inevitably, some will have no job to return to when furlough ends.  As a club, we have to offer a refund for those five games, cash is too important for a family that has none, they cannot put food on the table with a Superstore voucher.

Partick Thistle offered fans a refund and those who needed it, took it, but 96.5% of season ticket holders left the money in their club.  By any standards, that is incredible.  I suspect the demographics of the Celtic support are different; we have plenty of wealthy fans, but I know many who put a huge portion of their disposable income into following Celtic, almost certainly a higher percentage than Partick.

More Celtic fans will need a refund to get through the month, so it should be offered – as soon as possible after the season is called.

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  1. To Madra Rua & anybody else who genuinely wished me Happy Birthday, This Happy Birthday Corkie is just a silly joke perpetrated by silly old buggers who are easily amused.


    Some time last year on the live updates thread I was watching a tense game where Celtic struggled to put away some diddy team at the end of the game I made a harmless remark about having aged a year while watching the game, Some ghuy misread what I had said and wished me a Happy Birthday & when I logged on an hour or so half the blog had wished me a Happy Birthday so I had to come on & explain that it wasn’t my Birthday.


    Since then anytime it’s anyone’s Birthday someone being funny starts the whole thing up again.

  2. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Salutations Paul67, hope you’re having a great day.



    I see Stewart Reagan has been wheeled out and is now a ‘consultant’ to Fifa and Uefa. He should be more ambitious as his skill-set is applicable to wider market. Cover-ups are not exclusive to football.



    I wrote a few lines on today’s topic a couple of weeks back.



    If your circumstances have changed materially, then claim a refund. For those where they haven’t, I reckon most will let it slide.



    Priorities meant I gave up a season ticket a while back. At the risk of seeming a vulture I recently bought a slot on the waiting list for junior and I. If circumstances allow, I’ll happily pay for then even if there’s no timeline for actually watching in person.



    Getting the tickets will require 10% attrition or thereabouts. I’ll be happy if I get them and happy if I don’t as it means most have been able to ride out the economic fall-out of the virus.

  3. IniquitousIV on



    Thank you. You are of course correct, but we could still have signified our intent to do so, if the situation were warranted.



  4. Pog



    Indeed, I have also wondered if this is one last desperate attempt to curtail global warming in some why and attempt at a patch up job on the ozone layer



    Maybe I have too much time on my hands as I sit sunning myself in the back garden






  5. KINGLUBO on 6th May 2020 3:48 pm



    Happy Birthday Paul67



    Thanks for all your effort, it really IS appreciated.



    One small slight bone of contention though. While I appreciate the efforts of the hunger strikers, please tell me, what that has to do with CELTIC FC please.



    Pelters expected








    No pelters mate!



    This site, as you will be well aware, does not just discuss Celtic.


    Many wide ranging subjects are discussed on a daily basis, many of them absolutely nothing to do with Celtic.


    Me, I love to read the diaries posted annually by HT. My Dad was Irish and I have family in the north, so feel a bit of a connect.



    Sometimes posters discuss subjects I’m not interested in, so I scroll by.



    It’s easy!



    Hope you are well.



    Take care.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Why is the Housing Secretary hosting the Covid 19 update? This country is a fkn joke

  7. Mibbe Bojo is at a grace and favour for a coupla days.



    Man he disney work a full week ever.

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “League Managers Association chief executive Richard Bevan has warned the Premier League season could be cancelled if clubs do not agree to playing at neutral venues.



    It is understood that top-flight clubs have been told the only way to complete the season is for the remaining 92 matches to be played at neutral venues”



    This shout from the EPL is getting louder and louder, if the EPL void their season, there is no way we will not follow suit.

  9. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    ….and if Liverpool agree that voiding the season is the right way to go we’re screwed.

  10. This is about SKY money for them to keep the likes of Burnley Bournemouth Watford Norwich in business, dont play they dont get paid simple.We are not reliant on SKy as what they pay is a pittance and they should be chased.

  11. Plus there is no sporting merit if they cancel their league and therefore will be unable under that criteria to nominate UEFA CL and EL places

  12. RockTree



    Cancelling does not equate to voiding. See France.



    And there’s two hopes of Liverpool agreeing to void, Bob Hope and …



    There will be a lot of politicking in the next few weeks down in England but they most certainly will not void the season.

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy, I have a sneaking suspicion that Liverpool will not agree that voiding the season is the right way to go.


    As far as I’m aware the only Country to go that way has been the Dutch and there top 2 teams were level on points.

  14. Just on the issue of Holyrood bail outs for the SPFL.



    Any such bail out would almost certainly be contingent on the implementation of FFP rules in Scottish Football.



    The sight of tax payers subsidising a loss making football club that refused to live within its means would be politically impossible.

  15. rock tree bhoy



    Aston Villa, who have five more home games still to play, I think, have come out today against the use of neutral venues. Rightly so, a glorified training session by any other name.




    Villa are at it. That’s fair enough. They won’t be the only ones.



    Fact is BCD games at home, away or at neutral venues is the same thing.

  17. lets all do the huddle on

    but its not a glorified training session



    its for points that might keep them up so the players should be well up for it

  18. lets all do the huddle on 6th May 2020 6:07 pm



    but its not a glorified training session



    its for points that might keep them up so the players should be well up for it




    They also want to abolish relegation

  19. lets all do the huddle on

    Kraftwerk Co-Founder Florian Schneider Dies at Age 73





    and so did Milli of My Bhoy Lollipop fame

  20. The reasoning behind neutral venues is to stop home fans turning up at the stadium for games. I would suggest they might have to keep the neutral venue quiet until the last minute. As regards Man Utd they would be safe playing their games at Old Trafford. 😉

  21. lets all do the huddle



    A football match played behind closed doors at a “neutral venue” is a glorified training session.


    It may yield a “result”, may even achieve “points” but it will be devoid of kind of sporting integrity. Any kind.


    As for the players, they will be reluctant to play at all, and will go through the motions if they have to.



    Jock Stein called it all these years ago.

  22. IniquitousIV on

    If Liverpool just need a win or a draw to clinch their first Championship in 30 years, the neutral venue will need to be in North Korea to prevent their fans massing in their thousands. And even if it were, what hope is there for social distancing on the streets of Liverpool?


    PETETHEBEAT on 6TH MAY 2020 1:55 PM



    I was at the Ajax game in Amsetrdam when we lost 3-0 in 1971 and we were very much the poorer side in my opinion although to be fair we went in at half time at 0-0. We lost a goal to a piece of sheer genius from Cruyff who was being marked by Davie Hay (he dragged our future manager all over the park) and then Ajax scored again by way of a terrific freekick from big Barry Hulshoff who was just outstanding on the night. When Pete Kaiser scored in the last minute the tie was up and a 1-0 win at Celtic Park couldn’t turn the tie around.



    It was this game , more than any other, which persuaded Stein that the Lions time was up.



    Yet look at the team:



    Williams, Craig, Gemmell, Hay, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone, Connelly, Wallace, Callaghan, Lennox



    Two things to point out and the first may be seen as sacrilege and it is this:



    For all his long and terrific service to the club, by this time big Billy was suspect on the ground as had been seen against AC Milan in 69 and against Feyenoord a year later.



    In his earlier days he was covered by John Clark and, in my opinion, the natural player to play with him in the Clark type role was George Connelly as he could do everything in that position — big, strong, quick and good with the ball at his feet — and he could read the game.



    No disrespect to Jim Brogan but Jim was a last gasp hard tackler who was invaluable in the right game – but he wasn’t George Connelly.



    Hulshoff threw all sorts of diagonal long balls over Billy’s head that night just taking out the whole midfield and allowing the dutch speed merchants to chase down and on top of Billy and the fullbacks.



    But now look at the midfield.



    With Hay following Cruyff around like a dog and his trainer, the midfield comprised of a slower Murdoch, Tom Callaghan and George with Jimmy and Bobby out on the wings and we Willie through the middle on his own.



    The others who traveled were Harry Hood and Vic Davidson.



    With no disrespect TC was not a battler and Bobby and George we not forward.



    We missed the guile and dig of Bertie who enabled Jimmy to play on many occasions.



    My point is that had things been a bit different in the two preceding seasons, had the ambition kicked on and Celtic been even more successful than they were, would there have been a greater change of players with an even higher class attracted to Celtic Park.



    Dare I say it was Jock too loyal to Billy as a player, should he have bought Pat Stanton earlier and should he have pursued Alex McDonald more relentlessly — Rangers only signed him because they knew we wanted him!



    And that is only the Scottish players.



    What could have been.

  24. lets all do the huddle on

    As for the players, they will be reluctant to play at all, and will go through the motions if they have to.





    even if the team needs the points?



    why would they be reluctant to play?

  25. lets all do the huddle



    There might be some good reasons out there…