The unhelpful winter break


Nine days without a game is technically not a winter break but it is double the normal interval Celtic players have between games.  Ironically, it arrives when they found a formation that resolved the performance problems that plagued the club until December.

I would have preferred a midweek game than a break, with three games to make up we have applied pressure to our spring programme, although I’m sure Celtic did not anticipate the turnaround in form when these matters were settled.

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    ‘I can appreciate the fans who have posted previously indicating that there are more or less no circumstances that would cause them to stop attending Celtic matches.’










    No need to buy a season book though.



    Just pay at the gate.



    Keep those responsible for the shambles on a short leash.



    It is the only agency left to fans.



    That’s what happens when the club is owned by a tiny clique.

  2. Big Jimmy


    Try the They work for you site, good luck ,anytime I have had cause to contact my MSP they reply by email from an office worker so you dont get a reply from the MSP directly but still worth doing.


    Make no bones about this if this was anti Muslim Jewish or any other minority targetted it would be raised in Holyrood immediately Covid or not.

  3. DESSYBHOY on 4TH JANUARY 2021 1:12 PM











    ‘The board will tell you buy them out as McCann had to do with the Kelly’s and Whyte’s’









    Worth bearing in mid that McCann went back on his word by selling his shares the way he did rather than spreading ownership more widely.

  4. EL


    Aye he did ,wanted to make 10% so walk away with 10million, eventually got nearer 40 million, also seem to remeber he said about leaving a Million for an academy dont think he did that either as that was funded by a new issue of shares.

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    I think when Ferguson sold his shares, there was not enough uptake by supporters and so underwriters such as DD picked up the tab for the rest of the shares.



    Could be wrong though.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Peter Lawwell- the emperor with no clothes.



    Winging it, half-arsed, all the way to the end.



    With his wee toadies loyally doing his bidding.

  7. More Pish from Phil macgiollabhain. Absolute charlatan.



    The man with more unnamed sources than any other journalist alive, and yet hasn’t got a single “exclusive” right since 2012.

  8. Your assuming that another team would want to play?!!.. I doubt very much Aberdeen would have been keen… Rest weary legs.. December was a tough month for most teams….. Couldn’t see anyone wanting to play this midweek…..

  9. GGH


    When he sold up if you held a 10 share block which initially cost £620, your 10 became 1000, to introduce liquidity, think this enabled him to sell, obviously as your shareholding went from ten to one thousand the value of each share dropped but you held more.

  10. Paul67



    Warm weather training news and the defending of classless millionaires lounging by a pool in even less classless Dubai, comes to Scotland on a day when Joe Sixpack Celtic supporters, have much more than football, to bother them.



    Should have been prevented of course, along with Boli Bolingoli, which should also have seen a cessation of spending our money, by whoever you blame on the rageometer for picking the flotsam we’ve accumulated. The only busy zoomers and agents should belong to current Celtic wantaways and anybody that’ll attract an offer, who’ve flopped repeatedly.



    This squad should be dissembled, thanks for the memories Celtic, but someone has blown the ‘Kenny Dalglish money’, its time for new leadership, losing to Sevco will not be countenanced under any manager let alone Neil Lennon, three times in succession is a condition, that needs sorted.

  11. If we’d replaced lennon after pissing the league and on the verge of another treble… Got in a young scientific tactical genius… Bolingoli would still have fu**** up.. Griffiths would still have fu**** up.. Covid would still have struck and decimated the squad… Our injury situation would still have been terrible….. And 90% of the support would have been going absolutely nuts for getting rid of lennon who had just won a double going for a treble!!!.. The young scientific tactical genius would still have barkas and Duffy…. Would still have waited till the last day of the transfer window for a left back!!!…. Would the young scientific tactical genius have had the stomach for the fight or would the pressure have seen him disintegrate?!…. All conjecture of course….. Maybe we’ll find out shortly….

  12. Hi Bhoys



    DESSYBHOY thanks for the link.



    Just sent this to my local MSP. I’ll post any reply on here.



    I am writing to you with regard to the alarming pictures and videos that I witnessed online this week. I would be interested in your view with regards to graffiti that has been shown in the scottish press recently. Graffiti sprayed on the support of the Kingston Bridge openly calls for the death of members of the Roman Catholic faith. It stinks of racism and hatred towards members of the Roman Catholic faith. Have you an opinion on this? Do you think action should be taken by police Scotland to find and charge the culprits responsible for this open act of racism and hatred?



    I would call it a death threat and would hope you and any other fair minded people elected to a position of prominence would see it that way too. Scotland for too long now has a history of anti catholic racism. If we have any hope for our country moving into this century we have to have the support of people such as yourself in aknowledging it’s existence and it’s long overdue eradication.



    I would also like to draw your attention to the seemingly acceptance of this type of behaviour by police Scotland. Prior to the football match at Ibrox stadium on Saturday the 2nd of January this year.Were upon the arrival of the Celtic team bus the players and staff were subjected to racist chants and up close and personal abuse by some supporters of the Ibrox club. The video I saw on line showed there to be police Scotland officers in close attendance and their lack of action seemed to me to be at best a derelection of duty. I am of the belief that if you or I were to turn up somewhere and scream vile hatred towards them going about their daily lives we would be arrested on the spot. So why weren’t the people doing this at Ibrox arrested and taken into custody?

  13. #BREAKING Officials in Dubai have confirmed that 3 Celtic playing-staff members have contracted COVID-19 in the city.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on 4th January 2021 12:31 pm



    Very thoughtful post. Even though I am angry about blowing the 1IAR, too I would also like to the those players (see below)



    Today I want to thank Neil Lennon, Scott Brown James Forrest, Callum McGregor, Mikel Lustig and all of the 117 players who gave us 9iar (even forgotten cameos from Atajic, Berget, Ciftci, Fisher, Gershon, Herron, Ibrahim, Janko, Kouassi, Loovens, Mouyokolo, Nouioui, O’Connell, Pukki, Rogne , Scepovic, Toljan, Van Dikl, Watt and Zulaska.

  15. garygillespieshamstring on




    What happened to my shares was exactly as you describe. Dividend return has been exactly the same since 1995.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Respectfully disagree with the leader article Pablo.



    Whether the break in Dubai is helpful or unhelpful remains to be seen.



    In the past two seasons this trip has been followed by a significant upturn in form.



    Correlation between the two can’t be confirmed of course.



    Post hoc ergo propter hoc .. and all that.



    Right now I’d put our chances of winning the league at VERY LOW.



    With little comfort to be drawn from our PPG to date – the break is worth a punt (IMHO).



    As to your alternative of playing a league game?



    Limited value for me.



    If the squad come back a bit fresher and more focused the same result will be achieved.



    Final point – VERY LOW (above) obviously becomes EXTREMELY LOW if the season is called early.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  17. Vinniethedog,



    There is a world of talent out there that beats the living daylights out of our current Lennon/Lawell unscientific comedy double act.



    Hire competence and excellence, create a vision greater than being slightly ahead of Der Hun and see the rewards. This is a massive few months for the club, having squandered tens of millions, handed the basketcase in Govan millions, we could start seeing the pendulum swing back to them over the coming years.



    We are already burning daylight but get it right and wow, what a great opportunity we have in front of us.



    All it takes is a bit of ambition.




  18. I am not one for conspiracy theories but I have been racking my brain to figure out what the hell has happened to CELTIC this season.


    one theory which is the subject for discussion is the following.


    The “Old Firm” sadly, is bigger than CELTIC and the hunbigots, much much bigger. It does generate big bucks for both clubs as well as the SFA, fact.


    So continuing on, with the worldwide attraction to said “Old Firm” on the wean with what has been a one horse race for almost 10 years it just had to be to stop the slide, “them” stopping the seen to be boring outcome.


    Now consider this. Has anyone EVER heard a spokes person of either club, slag off the other??? Never, ever.



    Don’t know if I’m correct or not but it has got me thinking, always a danger!!




  19. I wouldn’t be surprised if some political comments are made about Celtic organization and unnecessary travel.



    Or is there will be problems around quarantine when back.



    Also given the acceleration and the lockdown if sport gets stopped for sometime.

  20. glendalystonsils on




    Can’t disagree with any of that . To let Sevco win one title is bad enough but to let them assert their own ‘generation of domination’ (if I may borrow that unfathomably loose term) would be unforgiveable .


    If we do lose the10 as looks likely , it must be a massive wakeup call.

  21. Hi Bhoys



    Jeremy Hunt ex health minister on bbc advocating anyone who comes into the country to be escorted to a hotel and put into quarantine for 2 weeks.



    There goes the league 😂😂😂




  22. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on




    A popularity poll for one player?



    Very interesting.



    Almost as if…



    Nah, don’t be daft U

  23. When did Celtic fly out to Dubai?


    Has it not been quite obvious of late that new restrictions were to be introduced?


    Did Celtic not consider the possibility of new quarantine regulations which might affect those flying (back) into the country?

  24. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    2ND JANUARY 2021 3:13 PM




    CELTIC MAC on 4TH JANUARY 2021 12:35 PM



    Kind of poll you find in the low level tabloids, not the company we should be keeping.






    Wee bit harsh there, cant recall any tabloid that has ever ran a poll of their readers on whether or not any Celtic Striker should be sold – stand to be corrected though.



    That happened to my son when he went to South Korea in May.


    He also had to pay for it himself and was not allowed out his room for 14 days.