There is a team in this squad but defending for buttons


Of all the football nonsense, I hate scapegoating most.  So Ryan, I’m sorry, but what on earth were you doing?  We were 0-2 ahead and had created several other very good chances.  Milan were nowhere, they had not mustered a cohesive attack. That foul was conceded in the perfect spot for a free kick taker; you could read the script on how momentum would switch the moment it was awarded.

Attackers are primarily there to exploit opponents weaknesses, Tom Rogic, Odsonne Edouard and Ryan Christie combined to do this and put Celtic two ahead in the San Siro.  Tom came close on another occasion, Callum McGregor had a gilt-edged chance and having got himself into the perfect position, Jeremie Frimpong froze with Milan at his mercy.  We could have been out of sight.

There is a team in this squad.  The formation looked right.  Frimpong seemed liberated from his normal wide anchor, Rogic worried defenders before tiring; in particular, I was impressed by the way the ball was accurately bulleted across the field.

Oh, and we cannot defend for buttons.  I was chastised by a 16-year-old after the game for talking up the relative merits of this performance compared to Ross County.  Apparently there is a rulebook for defending two goal leads away to tier one teams, you defend like Ross County and close the game out.  But we don’t know how to defend like Ross County.  Imagine that!

What I will say is, they fought for their manager last night, Commando Christie in particular.

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  1. Dandan.



    Absolutely heartbreaking and such a beautiful and brave post. Sincerest condolences.



    Hail, Hail.

  2. Big Jimmy


    Welcome back! Look forward to a few (more) beers in the BV when we can. Keep on keeping on. 👍👍



  3. Dandan



    Sincere condolences on the loss of your son Daniel.



    A beautiful and loving post from the heart, bravely written under the saddest of circumstances.



    I am sure Daniel will be watching over you and your family with love.




  4. Melbourne Mick on




    Absolutely, hopefully the players read this and appreciate


    what special people they represent when they don those hoops.


    H.H. Mick

  5. Good morning all from a damp and cold Garngad



    As Philbhoy said a powerful read back. God how I love Celtic and our support and yes that everyone as we all have our flaws.



    Good see some old posters on in the last few days.



    Keep it up fellas.



    Jimmy you behave and ignore the chumps.






    Right the wee Grandson has some training thingy I have to take him to.



    Laters and play nice.



    D :)

  6. SPIRITOF67 on 5TH DECEMBER 2020 5:46 AM









    Welcome back and good luck







    wi the burds and Rocky too .




    Thanks mate for your kind words about wee rocky and me.


    The Burds just take care of themselves….I just have this nasty habit of bumping into one, every now and then LOL


    Stay safe.



  7. RIESDORFER on 5TH DECEMBER 2020 8:50 AM


    Big Jimmy





    Welcome back! Look forward to a few (more) beers in the BV when we can. Keep on keeping on. 👍👍









    Thanks, and I will look forward to days in the BV…OR in any Pub lol


    Stay safe mate.



  8. DAVID66,



    Cheers mate. All the best to the wee fella at his training.


    I will try and not bite too much if I am faced with a Chump LOL


    HH Mate

  9. Good morning CQN, like others I lurk but rarely post but after hearing DanDan’s story elsewhere wanted to express my own thoughts.


    DanDan – My thoughts and prayers are with young Daniel, you, your family and friends at this sad time.


    If and when we return to Celtic Park drop by and say Hello to my wife Sheila and myself in Section 105, Row Y, seats 19 and 20, just in front of Lennybhoy and his Crew.


    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  10. Dandan,


    Prayers will be said in St Andrews Cathedral this evening.


    RIP Daniel.


    God Bless you all.



  11. Big Jimmy,


    We have conversed some time ago.




    St Clares – John Ogilvie. About same age.


    I only luv the wummin 😂☘️.


    Take care and don’t let the sleek its get to you. HH



    a.k.a. KEVJ, deleted, you never did post an apology to blog after your red card!

  13. DanDan



    My kids are about that age, so as a parent, I feel for you so much.



    Six years ago yesterday, my Mum passed unexpectedly. The love and support my family received from the Celtic family via CQN was a huge comfort.



    I pray you can draw some comfort too, from the love that’s coming your way.





    HH JG

  14. Good morning from a dry cold North Staffs.



    Some wonderful sentiments on the loss of Daniel.



    Looks like KevJ is desperate to get back in

  15. Spoke to three different Sevco fans I’m friendly with in the last three weeks, most recent was last week.


    Not one of them initiated ‘fitba talk’, which I initially found surprising given the respective form of our clubs. Very cautious they were.



    Had me thinking that none of them feel overly confident despite the contrasting fortunes we’ve seen play out this season. They know and everyone at the govan club, players and coaches alike, that at this present point in time they’ve yet to put a full season of consistent performances/results together. They’ve yet to win anything!



    Rather than coming from a place of humility, I tend to think they’re a bit concerned that they still don’t have what it takes to go the whole season and dig out results like our bhoys have done for the last 9 seasons. There is doubt and fear there. I can smell it.



    Let’s see how they (players/management/fans) react to a bad result, injuries, covid issues etc. There is still a fragility about them despite the MSM’s best efforts to portray otherwise.



    They will slip up, I’m certain of that. I just hope when they do we’re in better form and have more confidence about us to capitalise. Past history would suggest we will. I still believe.







  16. Fairhill Bhoy


    That was my first post on here last night in a long while reading DANDAN s post and the condolences and words of support was very moving Hope your doing well 🍀




    Hope you and the family are well


    And everyone else on CQN



  17. MODERATOR 2 on 5TH DECEMBER 2020 10:00 AM




    Paul67, Moderator 2, all of your staff who work on CQN, all of the lurkers, posters, and contributors, all of their families, and children who read my post which shouldn’t have saw light on these pages, I apologize to all parties concerned, for bringing such distress to you all.

  18. DBHOY,



    I have had similar discussions with the intelligentsia of the their support ( 2 of them ) ; so between us we have it covered.



    Similar I had to start it off —- very reluctant to discuss. Not really opening up. I can imagine they see goals shipping, EL qualification, LC progress, etc as a heavy load. They will also be tempted to sell a player esp as King is doing a cash grab on Club1872. They can see it going south.



    That’s why the delay in replacing the manager is criminal.



    Lawwell greed has created the whole sorry mess and if 10 is lost he is 99.9 % responsible.



    Still time to fix —- need to move fast and leadership will be required from Dermot, new manager/staff, club captain, match captain and senior players. The dust can settle in the summer and the clear out can be complete.



    It will need nerve and cunning but it is doable.



    Laser focus on 10 — nothing else matters.

  19. DanDan…..a beautiful tribute to Daniel….may he rest in peace and may you and yours find condolence and light through shared memories…



    you never walk alone ……….never




  20. LUCKY CODY on 5TH DECEMBER 2020 10:54 AM



    Blaming Lawwell and looking to The Great Desmondo for salvation? Crazy.



    Lawwell is no more than a catspaw in all of this.

  21. We have seen what happens if we piss off Dermot. Nothing.



    He needs to go to —-we need him for the change ; clue was in the summer —- complete the clear out.



    We need a leader and a ambitious board with teeth ; we need a proper CEO not a glorified beancounter with all his narcissist tendencies.



    Laser focus on 10 —- the big stuff in the summer.

  22. DBHOY



    What I don’t understand is why all the ugly huns are over in Western Australia


    I can’t find one for love nor money.


    Maybe there’s too many Celtic clubs over here in the east end, just like Celtic Park


    I suppose.


    I feel a coming together of the family, maybe we need that underdog mentality


    A convincing win tomorrow, and then a never before accomplished quadruple treble,


    and we have a whole new ball game.


    Huns are living in wonderland, their bluster is fear fuelled and glorified by a complicit


    MSM, keep the head bhoys, they’re getting the lucky breaks, you’ve all played cards, poker,


    pontoons, brag, sometimes nothing goes for you, and then eureka it all comes together.


    I’m betting on a resounding Celtic 5-0 tomorrow.


    Embody with me?


    H.H. Mick

  23. Kudos to KEV J for that heartfelt apology to the blog.


    I’m sure there’s a more astute Kev who could post a more


    literate and less abrasive type post in there somewhere lol.


    H.H. Mick

  24. Mick



    Get the sense a change in terms of form/fortune/confidence is coming for us soon, could that be tomorrow, I certainly hope so.



    Don’t engage with huns in conversation, certainly don’t befriend them, these boys are bluenoses, really decent guys if a bit misguided!




  25. Glad to see you back under your more famous moniker KevJ. Stick with that one! Hope your health scares are all behind you. HH

  26. KEVJUNGLE on 5TH DECEMBER 2020 10:50 AM


    Thank you. I understand you e-mailed P67 yesterday. I have left your post up, P67 will I am sure respond to you.


    Meantime, please post using your original moniker.


    Thanks again.




    PL,your description of him,gives me the impression that you know the man personally.Narcissist,bean counter,etc.Now I have no time for any Board member,never have done,but it just annoys me that far too many let their dislike for PL,get in the way of facts.Facts that have been put on here a few times,but many fans,like yourself,choose to ignore.Pl has given Lenny ,38.5 million.Brendan Rodgers,was given 30 million.


    This season,we have retained the services of all our best players,a couple of players,which a “Bean counter”seeing the Pandemic situation,would,you would think have sold,but no.


    I know I waste my time on some closed minds,but one thing you cannot argue with is facts.I will keep on printing them.

  28. On the Barkas thing.Before we signed him,he had kept 15 clean sheets in 30 games.The Greek media had nicknamed him “The Wall”,because he was so hard to get the ball past.


    That was the reason he was signed.


    Scott Bain,who is a very capable goalkeeper,fared no better in his time between our sticks.The turmoil running throughout our team,especially,the defence,could be a major factor in this.Sheer bad luck,and nerves.Many things could be contributing.


    You don’t go from being a top class keeper to the guy who is playing now,for no reason.Duffy,another example,a very capable CH in the EPL,reduced to a shadow of that guy.Covid,and injuries have caused havoc with the team so far.Chopping,changing,stop start season.


    Looking across the City,they have sailed through the season,so far untouched by these problems.

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