Win-at-all-costs manager inexplicably intoxicating


You and I were introduced to Jose Mourinho as a win-at-all-costs manager.  He took gamesmanship and bus parking to a new level, one which was successful against more talented teams, but even for those to whom he delivered trophies, he was difficult to love.  The rest of us emptied our store of contempt on him.

He is probably a better manager than I ever gave him credit for.  It takes talent to go to some of the world’s most famously attacking football clubs and stifle the enthusiasm out of their stadiums, but he had the necessary.

The question is, would you have welcomed him at Celtic?  I know what your gut’s saying.  I feel the same right now, but this guy’s arrogance appears to be inexplicably intoxicating.  He has a ‘movement’ on your doorstep, then you apologise for him having to step over it on his return.  For a decade, he was the ultimate guru manager and those who believe in such things opened their hearts to him, even as they watched him rob the game of enjoyment.

On many levels, he is not as good a fit for Celtic than Brendan Rodgers, but he is box office and knows how to set out a back six better than any manager in the game.  Years after regularly chanting, “Fergie, Fergie, shut your mouth”, Celtic fans are mostly respectful towards the former Aberdeen manager.  We are not there with Mourinho yet, but it might happen.

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  1. shortbread really are desperate for us to fail that other clampit willer miller oldfirm this oldfirm that and they try to call themselves journalists pure gutless cowards…

  2. Mourinho at Celtic!


    I wouldn’t want that, and doubt it could ever happen.


    Has he ever went anywhere he didn’t get a huge transfer pot(warchest for any lurking Huns)?

  3. Cqn is unusable tonight via my laptop even with ad blocker plus installed I am getting massive next adverts, so logged off, browser is Firefox, any suggestions

  4. Out walking the dog tonight, I heard a guy called Dougie Wright on Clyde. He is a Football Analyst at Livingston. He explained that this involved recording opposition matches in the 3-4 weeks before they played Livi and looking for tactics/patterns etc. and preparing a visual dossier for the coaches and management to brief the Livi players. He spoke well and seemed very knowledgeable.



    Soon after a “Rangers” fan came on and said how he he would welcome someone like this at Ibrox.



    Unfortunately for the “Rangers” fan he did not know that “Rangers” have just got rid of two Football Analysts.



    In return, “Rangers” have two Employment Tribunal claims against them.

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on






    Anything that helps sick children is to be unconditionally welcomed.



    Well done Rangers and all the other clubs.










    I noticed that as well and wondered if Gerrard has introduced a marginal , but much welcome , change in the culture at Ibrox.

  6. Kev at 3.47pm



    Spot on . Everyone in my CSC said after the huns games that we had to go 4-4-2 for Porto.



    I think the Hartson injury threw MON. He had to replace Sutton in midfield. It meant Petrov on the right and a toss up between Valgaeran and McNamara at LB.



    What he should have done was:-





    Agathe Mjallby Balde Valgaeran

  7. I hate CQN technically, logged out twice with no option other than to log out ‘yes’, when it freezes



    Sorry Kev , my response was a bit longer.

  8. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 3:32 PM


    One of the happiest times I’ve ever had following the Celtic was in Seville. My heart almost burst with pride for our club, players and supporters.


    Sometimes I wonder how I would have felt if the result had been different despite the underhanded gamesmanship displayed by one of the biggest cheats I have ever experienced.


    My memories of that day in 2003 will never be taken away from me.


    I don’t suppose Jose cares.






    How very true my friend! Jac and me had a similar experience.


    Hope you are well.




  9. Have to agree with those complaining about the Next advert. I have had more and more problems over thelast couple of weeks with adverts but this is definitely the worst. Can not something be done?

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Truly amazing at any time , but in `72.

  11. DESSYBHOY on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 8:09 PM


    Cqn is unusable tonight via my laptop even with ad blocker plus installed I am getting massive next adverts, so logged off, browser is Firefox, any suggestions



    Below is from Jobo earlier today, I had the same problem and it’s been resolved now. Best of luck. Thanks Jobo.



    JOBO BALDIE on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 1:47 PM







    Seen a few posts about this again. I’ve had a trouble free experience of the site for about 3 weeks now, based on the following….





    “Been meaning to say (since I returned from Lanzarote), a HUGE thank you to EMERALD BEE for some fantastic advice on improving access to CQN on my phone, tablet and computer.





    For anyone on a windows laptop that’s still having issues with slow loading pages, etc then what I learned was how to switch off Javascript solely on the CQN page. The only downside is that with certain links that are posted you sometimes need to turn Javascript back on before the link will open. Although, right clicking on the link and choosing the ‘open link in new tab’ option often works fine.







    So, to turn off Javascript on CQN (if using Chrome as your browser) then it’s –







    > Click on the 3 wee vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen







    > Click on Settings







    > Scroll down and click on Advanced







    > From the list that then appears select ‘content settings’







    > From the next list that appears click on Javascript







    > 3 options then appear – on the one called ‘Block’click on ‘Add’ and then type in ‘’ [THIS IS PROBABLY WHERE A MOD DELETES THIS POST!!!]







    And that’s it – simples! My limited understanding is that Javascript is then disabled but only on the CQN site.





    Thanks again Emerald Bee. Site access on phone and laptop for the past 5 days has been ‘just like the old days’ ;-)”

  12. DAVID17 on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 5:10 PM



    Gary Neville on Jose Mourinho situation. ‘When you go against the Managers signing targets and undermine him it never ends well’



    A worrying comment. It’s hard not to draw parallels between Woodward/Mourinho and Lawwell/Rodgers situations.








    Its hard for YOU not to draw parallels between Woodward/Mourinho and Lawwell/Rodgers

  13. For whats it worth. I have no problem with the adverts. It happens no matter which site you are on. Just X them.

  14. Jobo Baldie’s ‘NEXT’ killing instructions worked perfectly for me, using Chrome on laptop.



    Many thanks that man.

  15. glendalystonsils on




    Thanks for saving my sanity , the ads were unbearable. Followed your instructions and it works.


    Thanks to Emerald bee too.

  16. Dessybhoy,


    I use Firefox and open a private window to read CQN,


    have no trouble with ads,


    the phone is a different matter now.

  17. Ah sorry Dessybhoy, did not read your post right. Is it possible to switch to Chrome, sorry not great at the IT stuff, just followed Jobo’s instructions and it worked.

  18. If some of you want to play the man then fair enough. I felt it was a relevant comparison given the comments by Brendan Rodgers himself.

  19. “What I can always say about the board here is their job is always to future proof the club. This club has been run immaculately . “The guys who are here do an incredible job collectively. My ambition is exactly the same as the board’s [we all] want it to be the very best. What we’ll do in January is look to improve the team again.”



    Brendan Rodgers

  20. dessybhoy on 18th December 2018 8:57 pm






    I’m using Firefox not chrome






    I am using firefox too. I found this tonight it works well on cqn but does interfere on other sites.





    If you open this link you see a button ADD TO FIREFOX.



    Click that and it takes the adverts away on cqn.



    Save the link address to your favourites and when you come across a site that isn’t working properly open the link again and click remove.



    It is a bit long winded but it does work.



    It’s your choice. GOOD LUCK




  21. “I’ve had a fantastic relationship with Peter,” said Deila. “He’s a tough leader. He’s very experienced and fair. When he came in here the club was broke. That’s important to remember, with a big, big financial problem. Now he’s on big boards like the European Club Association because he’s done a fantastic job. He gets offers from other big clubs because they know what he can do. What he has meant for the club is huge in my opinion and, of course, you can’t use money you don’t have.



    “He has an unbelievable record when it comes to trophies. In Peter’s time I think there have been nine league wins in 13 years and seven or eight times Celtic have been in the Champions League. Peter is learning all the time as well, you know. Consistency is unbelievably important and he has been successful all the time so I don’t understand the problem.”



    Ronny Deila

  22. “Every manager ends up frustrated in the transfer window for different reasons.



    “Sometimes I wanted a player but his wages were too much for Celtic.



    “People don’t understand that. If you sign a guy on 60k a week, you have other guys wanting 50 – suddenly the wage bill is sky high.



    “I also rushed into signings and paid a lot of money but soon thought: ‘Why did I bother?’



    “There wasn’t a transfer window when I didn’t feel I needed another player. But your chairman or chief executive isn’t Santa Claus.



    “Plenty kids ask their parents for a Mac Air.



    “But the parents say: ‘You’re getting an Amazon Kindle, get on with it.’



    “That’s what mum and dad can afford. It’s the same with Celtic. So of course there’s frustration. And players can start to act strangely if there is a chance to move on. I’ve had a couple who acted against their true nature. Then when the window shuts, they’ll apologise for their behaviour.



    “Players get frustrated with team-mates who want to leave. It’s crazy.



    “It’s a strange environment during the window. When it shuts, it’s wonderful – even if you don’t actually get the players you wanted.”



    Despite the negativity surrounding Celtic at the start of this term, Strachan still has total faith in Rodgers.



    Gordon Strachan

  23. Glad posters are addressing problems with this bhlog. A nightmare to post even the briefest comments. And I use AdBlocker.



    Having said that, not one glitch posting this one?




  24. EXCLUSIVE By Pete O’Rourke


    Celtic have made the shock move of marginalising head of recruitment Lee Congerton ahead of the January window to throw their transfer plans up in the air, Football Insider sources understands.


    Congerton has been frozen out of affairs at Celtic and he seems almost certain to leave the club at the end of the season if not before.


    A well-placed source has told Football Insider sources that Congerton is no longer in charge of transfer business at the club and it is being done through a separate channel.

  25. STARRY PLOUGH on 18TH DECEMBER 2018 10:11 PM




    Not the worst news, if he’s not doing the job change it up…



    i agree

  26. “A well-placed source has told Football Insider sources that Congerton is no longer in charge of transfer business at the club and it is being done through a separate channel.”



    We’ve handed over the responsibility to an up and comer called Stevie G



    It’a all part of the O** F*** £49 quid conspiracy where the IRA are acting as middle men to launder celtic’s gate money via the DUP and back to Ibrox.



    You heard it here first.



    Nurse! Nurse!

  27. Celtic’s hierarchy are concerned some of the recent signings under Congerton’s tenure have not represented value for money and that the squad is unbalanced.


    Celtic signed Olivier Ntcham, Jonny Hayes, Kundai Benyu and sealed loan deals for Patrick Roberts and Odsonne Edouard during Congerton’s first transfer window in charge, but moves for Marvin Compper and Charly Musonda on loan from Chelsea last January never worked out.


    After breaking the club transfer record to sign Edouard on a permanent basis last summer Celtic only signed Emilio Izaguirre, Youssouf Mulumbu and Scott Bain on free transfers while also bringing in Filip Benkovic and Daniel Arzani on loan from Leicester City and Manchester City respectively.


    Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers is looking to strengthen his squad in the January transfer window with a new striker a top priority, but it remains to be seen if the upheaval behind the scenes in the recruitment department will affect his plans

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