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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Went to see Celtic Soul this afternoons on at Glasgow Film Festival with paulosboots ( longest he has went in my company without talking) :/)


    Enjoyable watch and shows that we as a club are a global entity..

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    CQN when Celtic is great ……



    Fourgreenfields & Bundoran Bhoy…… time is a massive healer, but until time passes take care



    Good night and God bless

  3. Does anyone recall King Billy playing for Scotland in 1963 against Spain



    And spanking them 6-2



    HH our King

  4. Marrakesh Express on

    I got a stadium tour late 87 with my young cousin from New Zealand. All the players were hang about the reception carrying on like schoolkids. I remember Big Aitken shaking Frank McAvennie off his back and Joe Miller slagging Rogan about his gear or something. Next thing a shout from Paul McStay, ‘that’s the boss watch it’. Big Billy came through the doors and they’d all settled down like angels.



    You instantly recognise his presence, a giant of a man, but smiling, and after saying good morning to the tea lady, had a go at big Aitken for something I couldn’t quite make out. The other players laughed at Roy’s expense.



    That double winning squad certainly got big Billy.

  5. Rarely post but like everyone else on here I just can’t believe the news about Billy, my first Celtic manager and the man who delivered the centenary double. I’ve heard he did other important things for Celtic too!



    Emotional days. Thoughts with Billy and his family.

  6. I met big Billy on a few occasions the last time with my good lady, a Brummy, several years ago in Canada. To say she was impressed is an understatement. She still talks about him and will be really sad to hear the news.


    The man was, is and always will be a true LEGEND.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Yesterday was a long and enjoyable one



    Went to Malones pre match and listened to JP Taylor . PJ Dykes and some ghirls from the foundation with a good surname to be working at Celtic



    Joe Miller was the last to be asked questions by big Milish from St Margaret’s and MT90M fanzine


    Went to the match with oldtim and thunder road


    Joe stated in the BV to meet oldtim and to say he was having a great night was an understatement



    Thanks to Joe for making oldtim smile again as he hasn’t been keeping to well if late ☘️☘️

  8. LGFTB-cany say it enough, the centenary year is the best time I’ve ever had, tho stopping their ten was up there,was actually in the toilet when Harry bhoy scored the 2nd,rushing up back to my seat was magic, :-())((

  9. FGF



    Managed to grab a few words with your Bhoy yesterday after the game. Stay strong my friend.

  10. Fairhill Bhoy- been to a few Celtic gigs , where Andy Cameron was on, he was always very good HH

  11. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on








    Good Evening All.



    Just thought I would do a quick Lisbon update for everyone who has contacted me and for anyone who hasn’t.



    There are a considerable number of CQN’ers heading out to Lisbon for the 50th anniversary of Celtic winning the European Cup.



    The majority of us are flying out on the 23rd and 24th of May but others are arriving as early as the 21st and staying until the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th.



    Most people are staying in Lisbon City Centre but some others have chosen to stay half an hour up the coast in Estoril with some staying in the Palaccio Hotel where the team stayed during that famous week 50 years ago.



    As well as our group there are various groups and projects heading out to Lisbon including Mouldy’s team of cyclists and all their support personnel, and those intrepid individuals who are driving to Lisbon in a 1967 Hillman Imp in an attempt to recreate the journey undertaken by the late John Quinn of the Evening Times.



    There will be at least two film documentary crews in Lisbon in relation to these events as well.



    The Portuguese Cup Final takes place in the Estadio Nacional on the 28th of May and some have been told that entry to the stadium will be restricted and possibly not granted at all.



    I have personally been in touch with the Stadium Manager and he is liaising with the Portuguese FA and other authorities concerning controlled access to the stadium on the 25th. On average, one Celtic fan visits the stadium per day every day, and very often groups of Celtic fans just wander into the stadium of their own accord.



    I am told that stadium access will be granted on the day and I am trying to organise that this takes place in a properly organised way with there being a tour, photo opportunities and the ability for a large crowd to celebrate at a specific prearranged time so that it can be caught on film etc.



    The stadium manager has thus far been very accommodating and encouraging and promises to wear his personalised and numbered (67) shirt on the day.



    On the 24th, I have tentatively organised a four-course meal with wines and beers in Lisbon City Centre. The venue is all but chosen, menus discussed and arrangements made.



    The venue is a former 17th century palace in the very centre of Lisbon and within walking distance to most hotels where I know fans are staying. It is also very close to the Rossio Metro station, and so for anyone staying slightly further afield.



    The event will consist of dinner, drinks, live music from a Celtic FC orientated band, maybe a short presentation or two, a charity raffle, some singing, possibly dancing and a lot of smiles and laughter.



    Places at the dinner will be strictly limited to 250.



    There are also one or two other events in the offing but which are not yet confirmed including a concert like event which will hopefully take place on the evening of the 25th.



    For those staying till the 28th or beyond, arrangements have been made with a suitable licensed venue from which to watch the Scottish Cup Final.



    On the 26th of May, ACGR is arranging a golf tournament for golfers and caddies (or drunks who can’t play golf as they are otherwise known) and he will be in touch regarding that when he has finished putting up shelves and hoovering the grass in Spain for the size 22!



    For anyone who is interested, I can arrange a walking food and drink tour of Lisbon where a very nice lady who is an expert local guide will take you round some of the lesser known areas of Lisbon to sample some local food and drinks.



    There is also a similar tour which involves hopping on and hopping off the famous 28 tram as it circles its way around Lisbon.



    For those who are so minded, there is also the possibility of a small organised party heading out on the ferry across the River Tagus (15 minute journey) to a recommended restaurant at the other side of the river where you can sample excellent food and wine before taking the ferry home again.



    For anyone who has not yet decided to come or who is half thinking about it, there are flights from Scotland direct to Lisbon on the 23rd and 25th of May, and various other options are available from other UK airports or travelling via London, Dublin or Amsterdam.



    Hotels are in high demand for the period concerned but I know of a few places where rooms can still be booked at a reasonable price though some agencies are now quoting outrageous prices ( as in thousands of pounds per night) for certain hotels in the city.



    Since being lumbered with this task by Malorbhoy and Old Tim, I have taken the bull by the horns and decided that if you are going to do something you are as well doing it right and as such I have tried to think of as many details as possible and make as many arrangements as I possibly can to make sure anyone going has a great time.



    However, for the avoidance of doubt, once we get to Lisbon I will be in the bar sitting on my arse watching the world go by as that is what I am best at.



    Anyone who wants to know any more, who wishes any of the details regarding the above or who needs any help with accommodation can contact me at jjoe88@hotmail.co.uk.



    Please allow a little time for me to answer but I will get back to you.



    Cheers (literally)




  12. JINKYREDSTAR / good memories then mate,I loved the 87/88 season,cany really explain it but a as I’ve told GFTB it didny get any better,and big billy was in charge,love being a Celtic supporter,love my dad more for giving me Celtic

  13. BRTH –



    I think that’s 3 times you’ve posted that and I get more and more jealous every time I read it. Gonnie stoap it! ;-)



    Would have loved to have been able to go. But a son’s wedding in July, a holiday already booked for June and waiting on a double hernia operation that was originally estimatedly planned for March but now likely to be April put paid to all of that.



    The way it’s sounding in terms of numbers at least I’ll have no problem at all in getting Scottish Cup Final tickets!!

  14. Jobo Baldie



    Double hernia op?? See awe yir running aboot the park ,that’s caused that..


    sick oan yir erse mhan.hh

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




    Sorry to hear about the hernia stuff — is that brought on by running? If so, stop it.



    Congratulations on all the other stuff though.




  16. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Floatin’ : I was sure your Dad would be Tommy Courtney but felt I should be cautious with naming him in case I was wrong. Remember him well.


    I was one of the founder members of the Garryowen and it was,and still is, a great supporters club.


    Watchthemotors: I worked shifts most of my life so probably missed that dance in the Kilmeny.


    I remember Harry Forde who was a contempary of my Dad (who died in 1959) when they all went in the Saltcoats CSC bus from the League of The Cross hall on Union Street.


    May in fact have been Saltcoats club dance as I think Garryowen formed 1969 but the memory is not the best and I am not a great fan of Google especially on trivial matters!


    Might see that fotie at a Hootenanny some day :)

  17. In October 2014 we were invited to the 25th anniversary dance for the Tyneside No1 CSC in Newcastle.



    We were seated alongside Big Billy, Liz, Willie McStay and his wife Mary. It was a really special night for me and one that I’ll always cherish.



    It was clear that things weren’t right but it was also evident that Cesar still had his sense of humour. Both Billy and Liz were drinking white wine and occasionally Billy would reach across to top up his glass when he thought Liz was looking the other way. She often was but obviously maintains that uniquely feminine ability to know when her man is up to something even without looking! As Billy lifted the bottle, Liz would reach out without looking and remove it from his grip. Each time Billy would smile knowingly.



    I have a fantastic photo with Billy, just the two of us and you can see his right hand over my shoulder. I’ve looked at the picture many times and always come back to that hand. That hand lifted the European Cup.



    God Bless Billy, Liz and your family in the times ahead.

  18. watchthemotors



    Can you take a pic of the pic and email it to me?


    If so I will post an email address for you.




  19. A quick scan back and a kwality post from SFTB re Our Billy.


    Some amazing memories and lots of superb posts.


    Best one liner has to go to HT for…….” That hand lifted the European Cup. ”



  20. Fairhill Bhoy- don’t judge a book by it’s cover as they say, Andy Cameron was often shouted down , and gave interviews after hun AGMs re the anti Catholic policy at Ibrox.HH

  21. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    “There is no finer sight in football than when the Celtic support show their colours.” – Billy McNeill.



    Celtic at St.Mirren 86.



    Celtic vs Hertz and Dundee United at Hampden Centenary season.



    Trophy day at Celtic Park vs Dundee, Centenary season.



    Cup Final 89 at Hampden vs the dead club.



    More recent times – The day we stopped the 10 vs St.Johnstone at Celtic Park.



    UEFA Cup Final vs Porto in Seville.



    Also the 125 tifo at Celtic Park vs Barcelona was extraordinary.



    Billy McNeill called it correctly.







  22. Just read on Twitter that in our 129 year history Billy has been responsible for winning 31% of all our trophies either as player or manager.




  23. Lisbon.


    I am now swithering , the lhads trip last month and the recent Rick Stien programme about the city has spiked some interest from the good lady. I am already there, even if I have to tell her am off to a sales meeting.


    I hope that if next months meetings go well , I just might swing it.

  24. so sorry to hear about big Billy. Horrible.



    My sister is in hospital at the moment very unwell. Her mind appears to be slipping away too – its such an awful thing.



    Best wishes to all the bhoys going out to Lisbon.