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  1. Matt, very interesting insight re David Fernandez.


    I was delighted when we signed him. He had beautiful balance when running , dribbling , riding challenges etc


    I think it may have been a pre season friendly shortly after he joined us ….


    He was brought down by an agricultural challenge… before the ref had a chance to blow for the free kick…. David had ,


    hit the ground,


    Jumped straight back up ,


    gathered the ball,


    continued on his run.



    I think he got an injury shortly afterwards and as you noted , his career with us never really got started.



    The Onlooker

  2. The Onlooker,



    You’ve tugged at a neglected memory.



    I will need to sleep on that but I am sure I was at a match with DF and exactly that incident. I’ll check with a couple of pals tomorrow. They would have been with me and we all had great ambitions for and expectations of him.






    I was born at the back end of Coronation Cup year and the house in Long Row was a tied house…tied to ma Dad’s job. We moved into a new fangled thing called a council house in Christmas 1958 ….me and my sisters used to drink loads of water and then fight to get to use the INSIDE TOILET!



    St Stivs…..great pictures.



    Night all and hail hail




  3. Matt 11.48pm



    If you are ever in the vicinity of North Square I would gladly buy you a beer or two in the Bammy …. or La Ronde … or even a half & a half in the bowling Klub :-)

  4. No work the morra but still got a school run and packed lunch to make so bedtime …. don’t believe the hype … CQN is far from liquidation … some days less post than other days but the major factor is …. when we have won the first trophy of our domestic season, won our Europe group (with 2 games to spare) and top of the SPL … its more difficult to post negative stuff when we are all as happy as Larry :-) … Europa draw tomorrow … I quite fancy …



    any of them



    God night n god bless

  5. The banner was wrong, why try to exclude an obvious Celtic supporter, Judgemental as feck and that is not on.



    Tory can mean Irish Rebel – what does that say about the Green Brigade with their banner?



    Very well done the Celts. A very tough schedule to pick up full points. If any team can do it, This Celtic team can.

  6. I was expecting Elyounoussi to play against Hibs.



    An on Loan player saying such things was always gonnae mean wan thing. Not even in the Squad.



    Lenny knows that McAllister and Gerrard have the Newco well organised and are a decent team…… the orrible Morelos is getting away with so much it is annoying. He could be sent off Every game tbh.



    Lenny is Headstrong and may well not let him in until the Next Year.



    Ridiculous stuff for a player to say Out Loud assuming it was said. :)

  7. Before a game, Have you ever walked through the Car park just down from the Celtic superstore.? The cars on display are like a showroom in Monaco. Private reg’s are the norm with average worth circa £40 k upward. Obvious money there, and an outward display of wealth.


    Do the GB want to tell these patrons they are not welcome, do the GB want to slash players wages, Our managers wages. Surely obscene salaries contradict Brother Walfrid’s ethos.



    He’ll mend them when their political masters introduce a more draconian OB act 2 They are abandoning the inclusivness, welcoming and tolerance our club is famed for, they cannot complain if our supporters abandon them.




  8. Good morning CQN from a dark, cold Garngad



    Bring on the Herts. Who have been dreadful of late, but just wait to they get allowed to kick the champions all over the park on Wednesday with no punishment.


    Our squad is beginning to get back to one which gives Lenny fresh choices and different formations.


    By the way how do Sevco never get any injuries??? Are they all taking injections to enable them to play through the pain when they actually do get injured…. Mmmmm.






    D. :)

  9. Haven’t read back yet but based on a 5min highlight video of the game wee Frimpong might take MOM, looked involved in everything. Put a couple on a plate for big Edouard too. Hibs looked liked they made a game of it.



    Oh my days indeed!




  10. I had worried about how our back three would cope with speed merchants that a Hibs have.



    Shouldn’t have bothered. They were too busy being unable to cope with Frimpong. The first was subbed with the other his replacement. Neither could legally prevent Jeremie from fleeing down the wing.




  11. Wee Jeremie has an infectious smile



    A wee star … loved Neil’s comments about him in the last few weeks



    Love him clowning about with Broony then with Griff yesterday



    The bhoy is actually going to get better which will frighten a lot of left backs in our league

  12. Monday morning quiz.



    Which well known public figure said




    “ This country is overcrowded. The immigrants should be sent home.”



    Was it



    A. Billy Fullerton



    B. Enoch Powell



    C. Tommy Robinson



    D. Rod Stewart

  13. I always thought that Martin Boyle was one of the fastest players in the Scottish game. Wee Jeremie continually burned past him on Sunday.



    The funniest sight I have seen at a match this year was , when Celtic were playing a high defensive line against Thistle, Kenny Miller received the ball at the half way line with Jeremie directly in front of home and a whole lot of space in front of him. Kenny knocked the ball past Frimpong, began his sprint to collect it, and just about managed to get level with Jeremie, as he turned around to chase, but ended up 5 yards distant within the first 10 yards of the chase.



    10 out of 10 for ambition on Kenny Misser’s part, but, even in his heyday, the result would have been the same if Jeremie was the opponent.

  14. ERNIE LYNCH @8.30



    It was Rod Stewart.



    In an interview published in the International Times. I remember a horrified friend getting rid of her Rod Stewart Lps.. I ‘ ll guestimate 70/71.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 16TH DECEMBER 2019 9:00 AM



    Thats a rather nasty slur.


    Not quite as nasty as Ernies ” arsehole ” description of the man in question .




    Do you have any evidence to back it up ?


    Apart from a ” guestimate ” .

  16. MACJAY



    Evidence – Yes.



    You can have it too..Assume you can use a search engine.Try something like Rod Stewart Enoch Powell.


    Off oot to catch a plane .Off to spend time with my daughters in the good ol’USA (and do some crate digging !)

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SOUTH OF TUNIS on 16TH DECEMBER 2019 9:39 AM



    Your assertion.



    Your duty.



    Put up .

  18. weebobbycollins on

    “I think Enoch Powell is the man. I’m all for him. This country is overcrowded. The immigrants should be sent home. That’s it.”

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    I think S.O.T.can speak for himself.


    Does he really need your assistance?



    Evidence please.


    Chapter and verse.

  20. Shawfield disaster 14/12/57:


    Spare a thought today for James Ryan ( R.I.P ) who lost his life at Shawfield Stadium 62 years ago.The young boy was at the Clyde- Celtic fixture and died as a result of chest injuries sustained when a wall collapsed.A fatal Accident Inquiry went ahead on Feb.27 /58 the jury returned a formal verdict that the accident had occurred’through the actions of an unruly element in the crowd’. A silent prayer offered for a young boy who


    lost his life all those years ago.

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Thank you for reminding us all .



    I attended that game , but had forgotten those details.



    R.I.P. young James.

  22. Celtic fans = Rod you’re not welcome for congratulating a Tory prime minister.



    Ian Bankier = Tory = Welcomed.



    Peter Lawwell = complicit since 2012 in corruption and the 5WA = Ah but he’s doing a grand job with balancing the books.



    What a strange fu**ing bunch at times our fans really are.



    The SFA are corrupt then what does say about Peter Lawwell for sweeping corruption under the carpet?



    Comedy Gold.