Ethics and manipulating a move


I have known players from Europe to fly into Scotland during a transfer window for a medical with a local club without their current employer’s knowledge.  This tactic explains the vast majority of overnight stays in a different country by a footballer in these circumstances.  Our errant employee may or may not have been on such a trip.

This is now an HR matter and due process will be followed.  His contract will be worth a significant sum and no one will want to pay that because an employee was not given the right to respond to allegations before action was taken.

Even then, there are reasons not to act immediately.  If the player has a club in Spain lined up, it puts money in his pocket if he becomes a free agent.  Of more concern is the precedent.  There are many players at Celtic who could earn several times their salary by moving this summer, contracts would be worth millions more if they were free agents.

It would be highly unethical behaviour to break lockdown rules in order to try force a move, as a free agent or not, but this is football and a fortune is at stake for both player and agent.  How sure are you another issue will not crop up during the European qualifying campaign?  Celtic’s business model depends on retaining contracted players who want out of their contracts or selling them for a fee.  Players cannot be incentivised to break rules, Covid or other.

The club have lots to consider before acting.  My guess is that their best interests are served by scheduling the appropriate HR meetings soon after the transfer window closes.  At least the left back question has become a little clearer this week, so every cloud……

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  1. An Dún, 100% correct, The winning of the Title is entirely in our hands, if & when that changes, I’ll worry about the Monkeys.


    p.s. Why don’t you add a síne fada to your name, at the moment you are almost rhyming with London.

  2. TICTAEWIN on 12TH AUGUST 2020 9:09 PM


    They are gonna take some stopping this year. We have to come to the conclusion that they will do almost 100% victories against the rest. Leaving the 4 games against us and the 12 points up for grabs as really vital.






    Hysterical nonsense. A team that could hardly win a match just a few short months ago will win 34 games against other teams with the same manager and players? I don’t understand this strange wee part of the world we live in, why cant folk see whats staring them in the face. Weird.

  3. DAVID17


    Not quite the same team. They have made 6 signings, 5 of whom were on the field today.

  4. Heart wrenching for Atalanta.



    Steve McManaman is a moaning ,ear piercing winging pwick.




  5. It has been fantastic entertainment in these CL games.Tonight,right up there.The one game ties,brilliant.

  6. Newmar is world class.He needed Mbappe to come on,because no one else was helping him.Fantastic ending.

  7. Laziness originally CorkCelt but I don’t know how to edit the name or even if that’s possible? Incidentally the better half is a gaeilgeoir and it drives her mad too!



    Yes the hype surrounding der hun will reach fever pitch in the weeks ahead. No one at Celtic will be fretting about sportswriters getting all worked up.



    Pumped out of Europe in September and a good beating in October at Celtic Park will bring them back down to earth.

  8. Turkeybhoy,



    I haven’t seen any of the games but I did wonder if it would make UEFA think, if the one off games were exciting.



    I hope it does, but money and the big team’s influence would no doubt put a stop to that.

  9. glendalystonsils on

    “the sublime set piece mastery of Barisic” (Hootsmon) . Known as a good free kick when applied to non hun teams.

  10. Not sure how to amend it myself An Dún, but Pógmothoín did it fairly recently.. I annoyed him as well to do it.

  11. Jobo Baldie POTY on

    AN DUN –


    If you scroll down to just above the comments box where it says “logged in as…” you should see ‘An Dun’ Click on that and it’ll take you to your profile page. Right at the bottom of that click ‘edit profile’ then go up and enter something new in the ‘nickname’ box. Finally, in the ‘display name publicly as’ box you should be able to change to your new nickname.


    As you’ll notice I’ve just changed my own name. I’m now going in to change it back!

  12. 3…2….1 I’m back in the room!


    Off to ma scratcher – 6 more sleeps (hopefully!!);-)

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    I really hope Milan do come in with big money for Ajer. He’s not improving as a defender. We could use the money to bring in 2 or 3 better defenders, which is easily the weakest part of our team.

  14. Still angry at the Boli antics. With so much at stake felt very sad that such a structural advantage had been snatched by scoddland’s disgrace but I’m coming out of it now.



    I prefer Celtic as slight underdogs – I think we respond better.



    Here’s hopin’




  15. oh look Huns are top


    9 points


    3 games


    Fouls committed 33 yellows 0, reds 0


    Opponents of der hun


    Fouls committed 33 yellows 5, reds 1


    Refs: madden Dallas Anderson


    Worth watching ,but I’m sure it will even up over the season

  16. That should CorkCelt off my back for a while :)



    Here’s hoping Livi burst the bubble early on Sunday.

  17. As long as we keep winning up until we play the scum,they have Motherwell,Hibs and us ,away,all in a 2 week period.We beat them,advantage us.

  18. And just for context…


    Aberdeen 1_ game 18 fouls 1 yellow 1 red


    Celtic 2_games 23 fouls 2 yellow


    Dundee Utd 3 games 40 fouls 4 yellow


    Hamilton. 2 games 22 fouls 3 yellow


    Hibernian 3 games 37 fouls 4 yellow


    Kilmarnock 3 games 36 fouls 5 yellow


    Livingston. 3 games 50 fouls 4 yellow


    Motherwell 3 games 36 fouls 5 yellow 1 red


    Rangers 3 games. 33 fouls


    Ross county 3 games 57 fouls 7 yellow


    St Johnstone 2 games. 18 fouls 5 yellow 1 red


    St mirren 2 games. 24 fouls 5 yellow

  19. Huns 3-0 now being reported as”A thumping win”.


    New Hun radio commentator,the odious Clive Tiddlewinks,or WTF his name is,getting column inches for his”Hilarious”Celtic jibe.


    The SMSM,unmissable with their blue noses,and brown tongues.

  20. BB @ 11.00



    That’s the way to do it — we need to push this to the max.


    Shame the MIB Ludge into applying the rules correctly.



    Compare and contrast what happens in the SPFL with what happens in Europe.

  21. My top 3 performers for Celtic in the St. Mirren match tonight



    Bolingoli- He was out of this world or , at least, this country



    James Forrest – Took his Invisibility to a whole new level



    Gordon “Wiggy” Smith- for his fine words which should provide motivation to the whole squad

  22. I am not a betting man but I am keeping an eye on the odds available on a TFOD2 league win this season.



    Even individual games are worth watching.


    Tinfoil hat on — follow the money.



    Also the St J goalkeeper seemed to pull his hand out of the way for the TFOD2 second goal.


    Worth wathching in case it becomes a habit.

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Yawn. Almost time for bed.



    Suggestions (respectfully)



    Don’t read the DR, ET, Hootsman or Herald.



    You’re not the target demographic.



    They are dying and, by reading them, you keep them alive that wee bit longer.



    Don’t listen to Sportsound, SSB or TalkSport



    BBC Sport Scotland are unashamedly a Sevco supporters cabal at production level



    SSB are just BAD.



    TalkSport are simply placemen to push the Sky Sports agenda.



    Don’t watch Sky Sports.



    They have a single interest item in Scottish football – Old Firmism.



    Old Firm equilibrium can only be achieved again if Sevco start winning stuff hence their editorial position.



    Bit preachy? Maybe …



    … but they are all happiness thieves.



    You have the control.



    It’s up to you.



    I’ve got VST and CQN plus a select few clever, funny, Celtic supporters on twitter.



    It’s actually enough.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  24. The hand of God on

    Majestic Hartson…I’m good thank you.. a tragic accident this morning two people went out to work today and never returned to their loved ones and one poor passenger also…thanks for your kind message..

  25. Jobo , thank you for posting those instructions for changing your blog name. Mine was extremely long winded , like me lol. I’ve now changed it to my initials.

  26. THE HAND OF GOD on 12TH AUGUST 2020 11:44 PM



    Majestic Hartson…I’m good thank you.. a tragic accident this morning two people went out to work today and never returned to their loved ones and one poor passenger also…thanks for your kind message..



    Thanks for posting that mate..


    Rest in peace and look over those left affected by such a sad event



    Thanks for being here cqn