Familiar demons


In any other season, the three points would have been secured by David Turnbull’s exquisite free-kick on 82 minutes, but the fragility around everything Celtic at the moment convinced no one the game was over.

A Hibs free-kick in added time saw three Celtic players get in each other’s way on the goal line, leaving three unattended attackers ready to pounce around the six yard line.  Another free kick conceded in a dangerous area, another example of defensive disorganisation and another tale of woe as Hibs scored their first goal and collected their only point in four games.

With Ryan Christie unavailable, David Turnbull moved to the right, allowing Tom Rogic a rare start in the advanced point of the diamond.  This may have worked on paper but on the field, it only demonstrated what a valuable asset Turnbull has become in the middle of the park.  15 minutes after moving into his accustomed 10 position, Turnbull won and converted a free kick that should have been enough against a Hibs team low on confidence.

Instead, the demons that haunted Celtic for most of the season returned.  Diego Laxalt conceded the free-kick, Turnbull was beaten to the header, Conor Hazard flapped at the second ball before Shane Duffy and Callum McGregor simultaneously attempted to clear, only managing to usher the ball in the direction of Nisbet.

After the game, I realised I felt worse after we equalised in added time against Hibs in November than on losing a late goal last night.  The points dropped in November felt significant, I cannot say the same about last night’s.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    It’s a curiosity that now, for Celtic, what happens on the pitch is at the bottom of the list of ‘Important Stuff’.



    It’s a curiosity that now, for Celtic, what happens on the pitch is at the bottom of the list of ‘Important Stuff’.





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  4. Paul67,



    Is it going to get a lot worse?



    Askign for ‘a lot of friends’…..



    Anger has long given way to sheer apathy.




  5. Garngad to Croy on

    Gutted for the team last night , they put in a lot of effort last night and deserved the win.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    The ‘running behind the keeper’ thing has been a feature of Duffy’s play since he arrived. I’m not aware that it’s a coached technique anywhere, and on balance, tends to suggest a lack of confidence in the keeper – warranted or not.

  7. global sportswear company adidas as its new kit supplier. The five-year contract will begin on July 1, 2020. Celtic said that the deal “is believed to be the biggest kit sponsorship ever to be announced across Scottish sport”.



    wonder how they feel about this now following the debacle of a season so far on and off the pitch.

  8. TBB,



    It could also signify that Duffy’s just a bit of a haddie.



    Lots to suggest that is the case.



    Send him back.




  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    Big Wavy,



    I think you need to be careful to avoid unfairly maligning smoked haddock.

  10. We are a total shambles and it’s down to Lawwell and Lennon. I have only one route open to me to voice me concern that our plc will take notice of and that is the withholding of my money for a season ticket. As such that’s what I am going to do. Not another penny till the “swamp is drained”.

  11. TBB,



    Good call. I love a smoked haddock. Duffy, on the other hand, is a perfect avatar for our season – all bravado, ‘here for the 10’ pish that turned out to be complacent, overconfident nonsense.




  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    To be fair to Shane Duffy, he had to return home last week for reasons unknown. I trust there are no troubles to deal with.



    He then fired back up the road to Glasgow at a moment’s notice, and played without having trained in the previous week, all to help dig the club out of a self-dug hole.



    It would be unfair to mention that the lack of training wasn’t noticeable in his performance.

  13. I think we can all agree the current version of Celtic is something of a sh*t show.



    What I want to know is how the hell did we get here?



    Most importantly, how do we get out of this ditch? I would suggest the time for ‘do nothing and hope for the best’ is long gone.



    No more excuses. No more delays

  14. Paul .


    The elephant in the room, is the guy you haven’t mentioned, for weeks.


    The silence is deafening from our CEO .



    On Duffy, I thought that he played better last night than previously. Our 2 full backs played deeper, maybe that helped rather than leaving him exposed ???

  15. A few comments about big Peter gone awol, I saw him sitting in the stand looking quite relaxed after we took the lead. Yesterday alleged supporters, I say alleged because there were definitely hunterlopers on here, jumping up and down calling him nasty names etc, let’s be clear here, he answers to the board.

  16. glendalystonsils on

    Demons? All our demons are in the boardroom and dugout .



    Defenders getting in each others way? Shambolic defending can surely be avoided by coaching clearly defined roles , good organisation , communication and leadership on the park .

  17. Uncle Jimmy,



    What I want to know is how the hell did we get here?



    – The bet from our beloved CEO that having a mediocre manager with £35m to spend would be enough to secure the 10.




  18. I’ve never known us to be so bad. Every corner or free kick into our box is hands over the eyes stuff. Set plays, fitness and in game management have killed this season.



    “We’ll just have to play through it” was what Lennon said when he last commented on our set piece defending – what happened to doing work on the training pitch ?



    The sooner Neil is removed the better. We now need to focus on winning this league back next season and performing far better in Europe.



    An admission of error by our arrogant major share holder would assist on getting fans back onside , that and the best management team we can afford.



    Do it now, Celtic or we’ll lose more than one league title this season.

  19. Virtually every celt i know in life or those i read on here are embarrassed and upset at the failings of our clubs board. The covid dubai thing in particular.



    It seems supporters of a new club sitting atop the league at present have no such shane about the £168 million their old club stiffed the tax man and other creditors for. Or for the years when they fielded ineligible players in every game. And they still claim the trophies won in those years.



    I’m looking for positives at present. Hopefully I’m right in saying that it appears our collective moral compass as a support still exists even if the idiocy of the board has caused it to desert them.



    On the game last night, the failings were all in the board room. A full squad who have upped their game in recent weeks would have beaten hibs without the need to defend a late free kick to avoid a draw. The reason we did not have a full squad to choose from was a management caused issue. Analysing the faults of players who I watched give their all last night us a fruitless exercise at this point.



    All eyes should be on the comfy seats in the south stand. That is where the failure started and where it continues.



    Decisive action at Halloween was needed. Tightening of all club operations and clear thinking was required. It didn’t happen. That is corporate negligence.

  20. Clutching at straws with Shane fir any positives. He will be remembered as a symbol of the disaster of this season long after he has gone.



    I actually feel sorry for him, Any chance of a return should be hastened for the benefit of both parties,

  21. On the positive side, football is a funny game. Utter carnage can be caused in weeks or a few months. A season feels like an eternity. But equally it turns very quickly too. If you get it right.



    Freezing my backside off here today. Thinking of the lucky few who could retire and sit on their heated driveways to get warm if they chose to.



    Is that for real by the waybajd what is the origin of the story?

  22. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Thanks to those who commented on my post earlier:



    So, rather than foam at the mouth, I’m going to suggest a way forward.




    What I’m about to write comes with a caveat – it’s only achievable with improved management and leadership.




    The manager – his position was safe so long as there was an outside chance of winning the league. For me, last night’s result puts the final nail in the coffin. The manager is therefore finished: I know that, you know that, he knows that, so what will that mean for his motivation, particularly as the rest of the league season is pretty much all about fulfilling fixtures?




    John Kennedy should replace him asap and be made fully aware he has the role ONLY until the end of the season. He is a young coach who will want to (and probably needs to) stay in the game, so his motivation level will be greater than the manager’s. Securing second place and a decent Scottish Cup run would be good for his CV and help him find a new position in the summer.




    Players – we want to give the new manager the best chance possible, which means providing resources. I’d cut short Duffy and Elyanousi’s loan deals to save cash (I’d keep Laxalt only because the alternative is so dreadful). Looking at the squad, I’d get what I can for Nitcham, Christie and probably Edouard given their value is likely to be lower in the summer and they want to leave anyway. Like Laxalt, we need to keep Ajer and McGregor until the summer out of necessity. The money saved on loanee wages and player sales should be put aside for the new manager and be supplemented by the proceeds from Ajer and McGergor (probably) in the summer.




    The Board – this is where leadership comes in and Dermot Desmond has to show some. He needs to find a new CEO and manager long before the start of next season. As soon as a new CEO is found it should be announced the current incumbent will retire at the end of the season. The new manager should be announced the day after our last game of the season. Hopefully with enough notice he’ll have a list of players he wants and we can hit the ground running.




    This season has been an unmitigated disaster and changes need to be made. Dermot Desmond is the most important piece in the jigsaw and the only one who can get the ball rolling. Time’s a waisting and he should start asap.





    The main point of contention seems to be the timing of a managerial replacement. I agree, in an ideal world it would be in the next few days/week. For me however, it’s chicken and egg. A quick(ish) managerial appointed would suggest to me the current CEO is likely to remain in situ for the foreseeable.



    I think that would be a mistake and I’m hoping Dermot Desmond sees it the same way. If he does, I don’t see him appointing a manger before appointing a new CEO and I don’t see the current incumbent leaving before season’s end (unless ongoing, widespread public outrage over the Dubai fiasco forces his hand).



    Like it or not, the CEO will always be the most important person at the Club, he/she is there to protect Dermot Desmond’s investment. The incumbent(s) are not doing that, hence the reason why I think they will be replaced. Until that happens I think we see only modest tinkering in the Football Department.

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Defending at free kicks and corners is an art which has to be practised and this includes the goalkeepers .


    Stevie Woods receives plaudits deservedly so but our keepers failing at cross balls add to defenders nerves and there seems to be a total lack of domination of the box by all of our goalkeepers , we obviously don’t have keepers coming for cross balls when the defenders expect them to do so


    I know everyone blames John Kennedy for this but we don’t know who is responsible for this training if anyone by the looks of it

  24. Notthebus- I reckon Duffy has other issues. He isn’t as bad as he has been doing his best to make out. He couldn’t be. International captain etc



    I feel much the same about him. Thought he would do for us what Toure did but it didn’t happen.



    I’m beyond blaming players. Christie aside who is really annoying me this season. And there was a period in October and November when I felt some of them were trying to get Lenny sacked. But they were hired, they get picked to play and that is it. Bad management from lawwell to lennon is the issue.



    Big Wavy,







    I think you need to be careful to avoid unfairly maligning smoked haddock.






  26. The season is now a dead rubber , yes there is the Scottish cup still up for grabs but in the grand scheme of things that is insignificant for now . IMHO there is now no reason to hold on to Neil Lennon . We have to start sorting ourselves out now , not in May . We need to hit the ground running because Rangers WILL qualify for the champs league . They wont pussyfoot around like Lawell has done every close season , they will make sure they are ready for the qualifiers and when they do qualify , they will do the thing they do best , SPEND . We are gonna be up against it next season . We also have another problem, Season ticket sales will fal ldramatically if there is no MAJOR upheaval behind the scenes . Lawell must go, the whole board must go and if Desmond has nt sold his shares then he has to do the thing he hates doing. He has to engage with us the fans and sell his his vision to us ( no laughing at the back ) . If Desmond thinks a new manager and coaching staff will be enough to sell season tickets next season then he really is so out of touch . Hard times ahead…………………….Lawell and the board been spotted yet or are they still hiding in their bunkers ?

  27. UNCLE JIMMY on 12TH JANUARY 2021 12:48 PM


    I think we can all agree the current version of Celtic is something of a sh*t show.







    What I want to know is how the hell did we get here? Try lawwell the 5 way agreement EBT’s and the blue pound

  28. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 keep fiddling while Celtic burn


    Just for info we are having a really hard time at the moment – something is wrong with our club


    Lots of opinions, some sensible some not so



    Personally I would love a debate on our Board


    questions like should we stick or twist are they representing our club


    Can PL change the situation or should he leave with dignity



    But i struggle to simply analyze what we all know happened last night and move on as if it’s just another day in the office



    This is probably the biggest fall from grace that i can remember as a Celtic fan in 60 years



    But you carry on fiddling Neil and Peter will fix it




  29. 67 European Cup Winners on



    If i could hug you iI would


    I have been on the same page since the day it happened



    Great point 100%




  30. Our failings are so glaring that we are the only organisation in the UK who has done worse in Europe this season than Bojo …



    We are now a laughing stock.


    Something to be pitied rather than feared.



    The club stinks from top to bottom.


    Full of fans with badges who are just here for the ego trip.



    Total change is needed.


    Moving PL on would bring the biggest change.


    If he stays then getting rid of NL will only bring in another second rate yes man.


    Consequently not much of a change even if it will allow training to start on time.



    DD is showing himself to be no business man.


    Just an arbitrage merchant looking to turn a trick.


    File under ego with a cheque book.