Kieran’s premature deadline


There is no doubt Kieran Tierney wants to represent Scotland against England at Hampden in 11 days’ time, it will be an occasion to relist for any professional athlete, but this will be a game to far for many after an exhausting season. For Kieran, who suffered a facial injury on Saturday, it is a premature deadline on his recovery roadmap.

Right now, all the player can do is make the right noises and rest. By the middle of next week, he should have an idea what discomfort he is likely to experience at Hampden. Gum shields and masks can help, but a size 5 (or worse) in an injured face is not to be trivialised.



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  1. Couple of things –



    1. Who is Gerry McCulloch?



    2. If you don’t think this season was a success, the you presumably didn’t enjoy it much. Celtic is not for you – try jigsaws or Airfix models.

  2. Delaneys Dunky on



    My mammy is a devout catholic. She also loves Celtic for 80 years now. Magical

  3. A Stor Mha Chroi on

    So Stockley escapes all reprimand. Good to see the SFA have embraced consistency. Considering that around the world, people who watched the game were at liberty to reach their own conclusions as to whether Stockley intentionally struck Kieran Tierney with his arm. Or not.



    The fact that he made contact is beyond dispute. Was his body movement a natural motion in that particular run of play?



    I don’t think so.



    Has Stockley got previous for using his arms and elbows in a dangerous fashion liable to cause injury to opposing players?



    Yes he does.



    After the incident did Stockley approach Tierney to offer an apology?



    No he did not.



    Not everybody thinks it was intentional but in the balance of probability there is – at the very least – a case to be answered. Especially so when you hear ‘possibly’ the majority of Aberdeen supporters voice their belief that it was intentional although I never read a single post by any of their fans that did anything other than glory it.



    After all, Aleksandar Tonev, with no previous history of racial abuse of a fellow professional, in the absence of any collaborative testimony, nor TV pictures to support the accusation, was handed a 7 match ban by the SFA based solely on the balance of probability.



    Now – in the balance of probability – is (are) the SFA being consistent, fair and transparent?



    I don’t think so.



    It’ll be interesting to see what the police and courts do with the moron highlighted for racial abuse by the Daily Record. Normally I would copy and paste that, but in this instance, I encourage you to give them the hits and see for yourself.



    And further, if the police who were very, very, well represented at the Celtic End during the recent Scottish Cup final, want to see more evidence of vile behaviour, then read the Aberdeen sites; they could teach our close neighbours a few new obnoxious invectives.

  4. I have paid for netflix and not used it nearly enough.



    I watched “Kill the Irishman” YESTERDAY.



    The best moment was when the olde Irish Lady said that there was Good In Every Irish Man.




    Netflix is great for binge viewing of crime or adventure series.


    Series like Vera, Midsomer Murders, Taggart, Rebus, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Bloodline are great to enjoy one after another instead of having to wait a week to watch the next episodes.


    We have enjoyed series like Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax which of course could never be shown over here. Too gritty, realistic and taking time to build a character.

  6. I’ve been having internet problems since Sunday night. Sending this from my phone, which is a teal pain.


    Hope internet is okay later this morn ,?



    BLANTRYETIM can u text or phone me when u get a chance, in case my internet problem continues ? I will try and text u later today .


    Cheers mate



  7. Jimmynotpaul on

    Big Jimmy.


    I noticed you hadn’t posted yesterday, the internet( or lack of it )is a pain for you. I’m glad you are ok though.


    I hope everything is good with you.


    Take care and Hail Hail.

  8. Good morning friends from a dry, high-clouded but pleasantly tepid East Kilbride.

  9. Cowiebhoy, great to meet you in Lisbon, along with your lovely wife. A trip that will live long in the memory.



  10. A Stor Mha Chroi


    That ` balance of probability` factor is a very good point.


    Cheerio for now,




  11. Pog, I picked up your email address from the circular sent out by BRTH. I will drop you a line so you have mine, and we can organise that coffee when you are up in Dundee. What a trip, fangs for the memories! Catch you soon.



  12. Goooooood Morning CQN


    Have we signed or sold anyone yet :-)



    Friesdorfer – Snap, good to hear your putting your feet up to enjoy the Celtic :-)



    Hail Hail

  13. Good morning! Well it should be but I’m still wallowing in our recent footballing failures of last season. Despair and no hope for the future here.



    MWD season of depression.

  14. Delaneys.



    Dean Martin wiz ma late mothers heartthrob.



    Can still hear her sing return to me a deano classic.



    Give yer wee maw a celtic hug from me.



    Hail Hail.

  15. Celticbynumbers



    Love your work. The time, effort and detailed analysis is brilliant.



    However. Reading that you brought a sense of joy in Celtic to this Bhoy.



    And that Sir is wrong. Just plain wrong!



    I need to wallow in undisturbed sense of failure and non-triumphalent misery.




  16. Morning all.



    Allow me a wee bit of whimsy. It has just occurred to me that, like myself, my classmates in St Michael’s, Parkhead, are 67 this year of all years. Many of us grew up in the shadow of Celtic Park. In fact, some of regularly played on the wee bit of ground on the approach to the Ground on Janefield Street. I wonder if (m)any are hooked on CQN.



    I only remember a few names but among them, ladies first: Maureen Smith and Marie Brown. Of the lads, John Fitzpatrick, John MacAvoy, Liam Callaghan, Campbell Cameron, Thomas Hay and John Cryans.

  17. Its about time Lawwell and Rodgers got of their backsides and stopped resting on their laurels. Time is moving on and we need to get new players signed now.


    The Govan Galacticos are coming according to the Daily Rangers, four new signings in the bag to add to what is already the best squad in the league. ;-)

  18. MWD, I liked Celticbynumbers assessment of Scott Brown


    Gallus Swagger :-)))



    Hail Hail




    I was reading back and saw your request for prayers for a family member. Hopefully, she is already getting some form of professional help. If not, I could post a link to a well-established organisation which offers advice and support to both sufferers and those caring for them. You may already be aware of it, of course.



    I don’t want to jump the gun and post the link incase I’ve read too much into the request, but will look in today for any reply.



    Good luck to you all.

  20. dessybhoy on 30th May 2017 5:39 pm









    Has there been any more meetings with Celtic about Res 12, or is it on hold due to the High Court case?




    Yes. The club have the information gleaned by Res12 Lawyer and research into UEFA treatment of similar cases, much of which (for example when the liability was accepted) has been confirmed by testimony at court.



    More might emerge as the trial continues hence waiting for it to end. The issue was left with Celtic in December but no feedback since then, other than The Board thought there was a case to obtain answers and I cannot add to that.

  21. Reading back after my first Nightshift since Lisbon, body clock haywire!!


    FRIESDORFER -Great to meet you too A and your good lady B.A. retirement sounds good.



    SCANIEL – great to meet you and your daughter my friend



    COWIEBHOY – Hi N, could you please send me the Scotsman photo if you still have it, thanks.




  22. Another scum moron in the papers today,walking through Machuils filming himself chanting racist filth at Scotty.What amazes me more is how did he get out unscathed?.


    More community service,no doubt.

  23. An Teach Solais on 30th May 2017 5:45 pm









    Thank you for an excellent expose of more malpractice in the award of a European licence to oldco. If you have a moment, could you please post a link to the detailed breaches of UEFA licensing code for Sevco’s application for season 2017/18. Thanks, if possible and grateful thanks for all your efforts. HH




    If you follow the post and responses at SFM





    you will see that whilst STV are arguing that TRFC accounts for June 2016 are those that the SFA will use to justify granting a licence under Article 47, the contra view is that Interim Accs have to be used under Art 48. Interim accs were used in 2011 to justify granting that licence then so I think the STV chap has got it wrong and might even have been fed bullshit by the SFA (gasp).



    If Article 48 applies I have seen nothing of TRFC Interim accounts, other than the one reporting a profit that did not exist, and which falls well short of the criteria to be accepted as a basis for granting.



    Its all in the post and responses on SFM but in a nutshell a licence was refused in 2012 (before RFC went into admin) because of the failure by CW to produce accounts audited to the level UEFA demand so why not now?



    What is being demonstrated is that the licensing system is not worth the vast reams of paper it is written on, whether that is National Club Licensing or UEFA, if its application endangers a clubs existence.



    It is a self certifying system that totally fails if the club submitting the application is dishonest. Perhaps that is why UEFA were not keen to investigate further in 2011 after Sherriff Officers called to collect the wtc bill.

  24. Turkish football papers saying that Alves went to the Huns because they were offering much more money than Galatasaray.


    Makes me sick.Penniless paupers,yet can still do this.Where is the money coming from?.Something really not legit here.

  25. ONEMALLOY on 31ST MAY 2017 8:34 AM



    Thanks for you & your daughter Jaq being my minders in Lisbon along with Cowiebhoy & his good lady



    tuck tuck CSC :))

  26. Ah well, back to reality. The blog has been heaven for the last week or so. A pleasure to read every day. So many stories and so much fun had, and shared, by all.



    But the grumblers just bided their time.



    I sincerely hope that the blog can retain some of the joyful atmosphere and that the stories and videos keep coming.



    Comhghairdeachas Almore on the KT win. And also to The InVIncibles.



    Hail Hail.

  27. Really dont know why we go on about Sevco getting a Licence to play in the UEFA.Surely its down to Hearts and Budge to be doing the complaining?.Does not affect us,and wont for a very long time.If the others who are affected,and financially shortchanged by this wont stand up for themselves,why the F=== should we bother.


    The Huns are continuing on their merry way,signing more players they cannot possibly afford,breaking every FFP rule,yet nothing will be said by the other lickspittle clubs.Hell mend them.

  28. A Stor Mha Chroi on




    They are offering… offering… that’s not to say he’ll get it. I don’t think he will make an iota of a difference anyway. He’ll be chasing shadows ,and I for one welcome the chase, especially on any given wet October, November, December, January, February, March, night in Scotland.





    Well,at least they’re consistent.



    No appetite for justice and removal of titles,because it benefits one team.



    Same then,same now. You’re on your own,and you won’t have the balls to do it.