The difficult January transfer window


The script was written. Dedryck Boyata was destined to open the scoring against Hamilton Accies yesterday.  The only surprise was that this wasn’t followed by ‘a Dedryck moment’, as he mis-controlled for an equaliser.  Brendan now has some big decisions to make about the player, but with Jozo Simunovic and Jack Hendry injured, we are down to only two fit central defenders heading into the games against Suduva and Newco, the latter after the transfer window closes (Marvin Compper isn’t even in the debate).

We continually hear that January is a difficult time to sign players.  That being the case, we might get as much money for Dedryck then as now.  I would also be concerned about signing a player a day or two before throwing him into an atmospheric (cough) capacity game.  Especially if he is young.

Brendan has made his thoughts known on our defending this season, but yesterday’s footage from Fir Park will give him some ideas for this Sunday’s game.  With so much in play, you feel there is a pivotal week ahead.

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  1. The Sevco defence is minging, arguably worse than last year. We will defeat then with some comfort.

  2. Hi Paul67,



    Too true, it is a pivotal week.



    We did ok yesterday but any issues around the match were of Celtic’s own making.



    For me the decision to play DB was a good one…



    Let’s hope our decision making on and off the field improve drastically, it needs to.



    Hail Hail

  3. Classic cognitive dissonance from paul67.



    Sell boyata don’t buy a replacement. Ignore that we don’t have any fit centre half’s.



    Well at least we know what lawwell wants.



    Then we can look at the bank balance and sigh contentedly.



    Seriously Paul you are becoming more and more a joke.

  4. My only fear,and I did say this last week,about the Hun game is,giving Tavernier too much time to cross balls into our box.We saw it again yesterday.He crosses a wicked ball,and we have recently witnessed how we deal with those.The fact he cant defend,is a bonus for us,but not if we let him do what he does best.KT bombing forward,will hopefully keep him occupied.The others have never faced anything like Moussa and Eddy.The state they got into yesterday against Main and Sammon when he came on shows how overrated they are.Sure Brendan knows this.

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 27TH AUGUST 2018 12:09 PM


    So is Res12 now officially dead in the water or are rumours of its demise premature?





    Yes – have I missed some news on this too? What has triggered these mentions of it being dead?






  6. Nega


    I read the article again just incase I missed the bit were Paul say we should sell Boyata without a replacement. I could not find it.


    Central defence.



    Why are Celtic in this predicament ? The forthcoming trtansfer window, is going on previous, likely to be another reactive episode.



    But it’s January 2018’s that paints an obscure picture. Dereliction, disappointment, are all tints. Disharmony has unfolded.



    But why has nothing been done ? Do they actually want a “challenge” ?



    I’m going to stay at home for fothcoming EL fixtures, such is my disappointment.


    TIMJIM on 27TH AUGUST 2018 12:19 PM



    it’s NEGGY not NEGA.



    fightemptyhoose csc.




    “Seriously Paul,you are becoming a joke”



    Really ?You should try that then.A bit of humour instead of your normal guff.Bye the way,your last post was nonsense,”sell Boyata,and dont buy a replacement.Thats what PL wants”Would that be the same PL,that could have sold Boyata to Fulham,but did not because Brendan wanted him?.


    Your rants never make any sense,apart obviously to you.


    TIMJIM on 27TH AUGUST 2018 12:19 PM





    I read the article again just incase I missed the bit were Paul say we should sell Boyata without a replacement. I could not find it.




    Here it is:



    “The only surprise was that this wasn’t followed by ‘a Dedryck moment’”

  11. I’ve mentioned on here a few times, what we need simply is to get our confidence back, that is all. For whatever reason, heads are down all over the place, on here especially. Now we know we are better than the bigots, we know and have proved that time and again, so on Sunday, we WILL put them back in there rightful place, guaranteed. You heard it here first, so relax.


    Bottom line is Broony and the boys will be totally fired up, having read all the negative merde in the meeja, mark my word. Sure they have gotten a tad better, but they are no big deal, honest.




  12. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    BR has no choice but to play boyata – we are very poor at the back during every match. He’s the best of a bad bunch at the moment.

  13. Big Cup Winners,



    Dont get too despondent.We did know that any deals done would be near the end of the window.The Boyata episode is what has caused the problem,a very big problem,but hopefully this week will resolve it.Myself,I am happy at least,that Brendan can focus all his thoughts on our defence,something that has been a bit overlooked,IMO.

  14. Look at this crap on Sky Sports News



    Former Rangers captain Lee McCulloch says Steven Gerrard’s side have the momentum going into next weekend’s Old Firm clash at Celtic Park.



    Rangers remain unbeaten this season, but have drawn two of their three league matches and sit one point behind their rivals Celtic, who have managed consecutive league wins since an opening day-defeat to leaders Hearts.



    Lazy,lazy journalism.





    KT aside Boyata is as much a footballer as any of our dfenders mate. Brendan wants them to pass. The footballer hasn’t been born yet who has 100% passing success.



    Here’s a quick test: This calender year how many “Dedryck moments” have we witnessed ?



    The reference to a “a Dedryck moment” is a pointer, a leader, to the player’s departure.

  16. From Morrissey23rd on twitter.




    @CowdenTony @MIchaelKB34 @CelticBlog2018 @Themis1888 @keviebhoy7 @HarryBradyCU @Scarytoes @CelticRhebel @hoohimthetim @Hullbhoy @hen1rik @LightingMonkey @Scottsman1978 @WS2N28 @CQN @paullarkin74 Celtic confirmed to #Res12 team years ago that legal action would not result in sanctions against the club. Put that myth to bed.



    The above tweet was posted by Moz because certain Celtic bloggers said the club would be punished if they tackled Res 12.



    So the question must be asked why these Celtic bloggers are posting this nonsense about the club being punished if they tackle Res 12 when the club states they won’t be ?



    James Forrest AKA Layton Bhoy was singing from the same hymn sheet about the board being punished by UEFA if they pursue res 12.



    Neganon: We were told continuously on twitter from 2012 onwards that infinite patience produces immediate results. Who told me that again hmmm Awk it doesn’t matter.



    Guess what ? I’m still waiting.



    Neganon when you attack the favourites on here or twitter the usual suspects jump in and attack you.



    Oh and just for the record this chap @theleedstim is still waiting on the usual suspects replying to this tweet below 2 days ago but they were all quick to slate me on twitter for calling some out for being in the boards pocket excluding Auldheid btw.



    @HarryBradyCU @Themis1888 @Scarytoes @CelticBlog2018 @CelticRhebel @hoohimthetim @Hullbhoy @hen1rik @LightingMonkey @Scottsman1978 @WS2N28 @CQN @paullarkin74 I’m afraid this is nonsense.Why haven’t Celtic,in the form of individual shareholders,sued the relevant parties for material loss of earnings? Ive asked this for years and have yet to get a satisfactory answer. Why have the Res12 guys managed to get this far when Celtic didn’t?

  17. Ah turkeybhoy perhaps if you keep calling everyone who doesn’t hold your rosy board view guff they will eventually believe it. You probably stick your fingers in your ears and sing loudly if someone says something you don’t like either.



    And when did we all agree we would do our business at the end of the transfer window? That makes absolutely nil sense. But hey when your defending the indefensible any port will do.



    As for paul67 what exactly is he saying. Boyata is rubbish but we shouldn’t buy anyone now and the January transfer window is hard (any transfer window is hard for Celtic). So sell him but it’s too hard to get a replacement.



    It’s just all guff as turkeybhoy would say…..

  18. Henrick. If you question lawwell or paul67 his lapdogs attack. It’s as predictable as it is boring.



    The real question before us now is whether this infinite patience nonsense was part of the ploy to keep us dangling and not coming to rather obvious answers.

  19. Paul67



    Thats was the week that was, now onto this week.



    Centre Back was one of the few areas on the pitch we looked o.k. yesterday . Celtic fans have made not rating our Centre Backs o an art form over the years.



    We don’t look like the team that cleaned up here, and for it to come down to ‘worrying’ about a side cobbled together over the summer by a youth coach


    involves more than bedwetting.



    Celtic should be out of sight and not only didn’t we shop at Harrods, we didn’t shop at Aldi’s either, and the Centre Back scenario of Boyata or Newman is a very sub standard scenario for Celtic fans , with two seasons of champions league wealth in the bank?



    Would love to know the real situation with Dedryk Boyata and all will be revealed in the next few days, to be desperate to have him in the side through a professional decision only underlines the failure in the transfer market.



    More concerned with form loss all over the pitch, a format familiarity that even lowly Hamilton can restrict to half chances, an overall bluntness in attack that lays on nada for a fit and running Dembele. Scott Brown passing backwards at home v Hamiltion, Tom Rogic looking lost, the return of Callum (invisible) MacGregor.



    Still plenty of time to pull a rabbit from the hat, lets hope its not Robbie Keane in the car park round midnight.

  20. Ernie Lynch @ 12:09 pm,






    If was deed it would be murddur!!



    Hopefully Auldheid can update you on where it’s at.



    It started as you know as a Resolution at the 2013 Celtic PLC AGM.



    The Celtic AGM will happen soon and this is a live issue.



    The difficulty that Auldheid and others have has been in dealing with this is that a lot of the information and arguments should be investigated and dealt with, so to put sensitive information in the public domain would be to undermine their case.



    The problem is in Scottish football there is no functioning due process. The rules and regulations are tailored to suit – what the Res12 bhoys are trying to do is the equivalent of nailing jelly to the wall.



    Issues are swept under the carpet and circumvented if the “authorities” don’t want to deal with it.



    If you contemplate for a moment the last decision by the SFA Judicial Panel…



    Basically it means they, the SFA, do not have jurisdiction on their issuing of a License, a process controlled and implemented by them, yet not in general terms not for all clubs, only when it comes to Sevco Rangers.



    My feeling is the Celtic AGM and what happens to the referral to CAS will determine the fate of Res12.



    My feeling is if they do kill it off, then the “damning” case against Rangers 2012 license application and the subsequent cover up will be presented into the public domain and in this regard the Scottish people and football supporters can be the judge of…



    Rangers F.C.



    Celtic F.C.



    The SPL



    And key, the SFA



    Would make a great book imo.






    Hail Hail

  21. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 27TH AUGUST 2018 12:25 PM



    Agreed. This has been a complete mess of a window.



    Record turnover. Record profits. We have taken in £15m in transfer fees since January (far outweighing outgoings) and yet going into the last week of the window (with two important games this week) we are scrambling around for transfers as some form of damage control.



    The mantra that we are a “well run club” is truly shot to pieces. We have shown a level of ineptitude at senior management level that it borders on negligent. We appear apathetic to the new challenges brought my domestic rivals and the raised bar of qualification for the CL.



    I cannot understand what our “strategy” is from our actions. The only conclusion I have is that we do not have one; we are reactive (to crisis) as opposed to proactive in pushing the club and football team forward.

  22. Chair bhoy the fact that Celtic have said and done nothing regarding res12 and left it up to supporters and been onstructive to them says everything.

  23. To me its quite clear what P67 is saying.


    Boyata will be sold in January as we’ll probably get the same valuation for him. And, we’ll be bringing in a ‘younger’ player (McKenna,21) to replace him. Simples.



    BR has no choice but to play boyata – we are very poor at the back during every match. He’s the best of a bad bunch at the moment.




    We have no choice but to keep Boyata unless we have a couple of other defenders in before he goes. If he does go that is, as that might not happen this week. He actually had a very good game yesterday and didn’t dwell on the ball too much (similar to how he plays for Belgium). I wouldn’t be concerned about playing a new centre back against Sevco. That said I also wouldn’t be overly concerned about utilising whatever players are available for that game, with Ajer and Lustig at CB.



    We still have (limited) time to recruit a bit of quality. However, what has happened this transfer window must not happen again (ok, I know it’s deja vu for us).





    It’s the picture since January that has me despondent.



    My opinion on Boyatta has been well documented, our best central defender and Brendan’s first choice since January 17.



    We knew Boyatta was leaving, well it was odds on ? The club will have offederd him an extended deal, with no acceptance. The CL golden trough was there for us. The club had to prepare to increase our chances of qualification. We did the opposite.



    It staggers me that they did. Like all these things fans only “see” what is rumoured and loaded half truths.



    As so often happens lady luck turned her face ie Ajer’s suspension, Jozo’s situ. Incidentally Celtic also “damaged” Hendry’s development as he’s been asked too much. How weird has Jack’s status of “prospect” to “dud” been ? It happened close season; group thought at it’s worst.



    Boyatta is being villified, and we just don’t know if he deserves it ? The guy kicks a ball for a living huh ? I’m reminded of the Bobo’s, Chief executive quip ? The players’ reaction at the goal yesterday was telling. If a teammate had been the guilty party and negated my CL bonuses I wouldn’t have been running to congratulate him yesterday ?



    Imho this has the Celtic periodic failing of “Dosh” is at the bottom of this malaise. It’s getting a way forward that is of importance now.



    Ps Neganon 2 flings so much of the brown sticky stuff, he’ll eventually get something right. Take a bow Negs.