Celtic v the Dutch and innovative philosophies


The 4-0 defeat we received at the hands of Utrecht aside, Celtic’s form on Dutch soil has been decent.  Ajax recorded a narrow 1-0 win in the Champions League in 2013.  When the teams met in the following year’s Europa League, the home side scored late to secure a draw against 10-man Celtic.

Our two visits prior to that were historically famous wins.  Goals from Bobby Petta, Didier Agathe and Chris Sutton saw Celtic win 1-3; enough for them to reach the Champions League group stage for the first time in the club’s history.

A late goal from George McCluskey after a Charlie Nicholas opener saw Celtic win 1-2 and progress in the 1982-83 European Cup.  This game is historically famous because we had so few significant European wins in the 80s and 90s – if you lived through these times, you will still cherish that game.

Johan Cruyff was subbed late in that 1982 game, still masterful, if a few years past his prime.  He was in his full pomp when he led Ajax to a 3-0 quarterfinal victory on their way to winning their first European Cup in 1971.  That game came 10 months after Feyenoord became the first Dutch team to win the trophy, beating Celtic in the final.

Dutch football arrived with a bang in 1969.  Ajax lost the European Cup Final that year to Milan, the last time the trophy did not go to the Netherlands until 1974.  Just four years before that Ajax-Milan final, Celtic met Dutch opponents for the first time in competitive football.  Go Ahead Deventer lost 0-6 to Celtic in their Cup Winners’ Cup first leg.

The other two Dutch teams in European football also exited Europe in the first round, Utrecht losing 7-1 to Barcelona and Feyenoord losing 5-0 to Real Madrid.  This came two years after Luxembourg eliminated Netherlands from the European Championships.  Dutch football was a shambles in the mid-60s, but with an innovative philosophy, it ruled Europe within five years.  Everything we are seeing right now at Celtic is the result of an innovative philosophy, great things can be achieved by great coaches.

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  1. !!BADA BING!! on 26TH AUGUST 2021 11:06 AM


    Sevco are the only Klub in Scotland, who do not submit testing via the SFA,and use a lab in Belfast, why was this allowed to happen?








    A post from KDS suggests there’s nothing in any of that.





    ’11:33 PM – 1 day ago#131030


    They send their tests to randox, they are based in crumlin, a predominantly nationalist town, they hire loads of people from this town. I’m from this town. Randox owner is a Catholic. Dr Peter Fitzgerald. Randox wouldn’t risk their professional integrity and peoples lives to help a Scottish football team win a football League. Unless my mates who work there have done it to piss me off.’

  2. I have not been inside a bar or Restaurant for a year and a half.We are lucky to stay in this climate,as outdoor hospitality is fantastic.It has stopped me playing Darts,a massive miss for me.


    To those worrying about Celtic Park.The chances of catching it outdoors are slim,compared to indoors.In saying that,I think masks should still be worn.I can see another big reduction in crowds if the present trend continues.Nobody wants that.

  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just reading the latest “latest” on the Giakoumakis transfer.



    Werder Bremen wanted him.



    Celtic want him.



    How can Celtic possibly trump the appeal of Bundesliga (or equivalent league) football to secure a signature?



    One tool only at our disposal.






    We have to pay more.



    Fee or wages or sometimes both.



    We often have to pay a premium to get players to come to this backwater.



    So – if you are one of those who think …



    “Celtic lowballing. Pay up and get it done”



    Fair enough if that is where you stand?



    If you are of a mind that ….



    “Celtic aren’t getting bang for buck compared to club X on the continent”



    Again, fair enough if that is your view?



    But if you occupy both spaces above simultaneously?







  4. TURKEYBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2021 11:13 AM





    ‘To those worrying about Celtic Park.The chances of catching it outdoors are slim,’






    If you’re sitting for two hours at CP, next or close to someone who is shedding the virus you are going to catch it.

  5. Anyway,on another note.Looking at the team the Huns can put out tonight,with the absentees,just how many 1st team players are on their books.They also have players injured,banned.I would reckon they have around 30 in 1st team squad.Not a player being mentioned in any transfer to balance the books.Wage bill,far too big for what they make.But we knew that.


    Monday,Tuesday should be interesting over Mordor way.

  6. ERNIE LYNCH on 26TH AUGUST 2021 11:21 AM


    TURKEYBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2021 11:13 AM











    ‘To those worrying about Celtic Park.The chances of catching it outdoors are slim,’














    If you’re sitting for two hours at CP, next or close to someone who is shedding the virus you are going to catch it.



    Yes,of course you have a chance of catching it,but a lot less than sitting in a packed Pub,Bus,Train,indoors.


    Ventilation,is its biggest enemy,but masks should have to be worn at games.No idea why they are not.




    To be fair, Werder Bremen aren’t even Bundesliga – they’re in Bundesliga 2.

  8. Giakoumakis looks like one of the contingencies Ange was talking about yesterday. If Eddie stays, I don’t think we’ll be signing another striker. Kyogo, Eddie and Ajeti is ample for a team that play with one lone striker.



    Just reading the latest “latest” on the Giakoumakis transfer.



    I read the latest is we are a couple of Grand a week short of his personal terms.



    That pesky PL,I tells ye.Has to be,don’t it.

  10. Turkeybhoy



    Masks ARE supposed to be worn at games. The message at CP on the tannoy is played several times during games. I have to confess that I haven’t worn mine and neither have 99% of the other fans I have sat with

  11. They do say you become more right wing as you get older but I really can’t see what Celtic are suppose to do with fans that refuse to wear masks or sanitise. Personal responsibility has to ultimately be the deciding factor here.

  12. Can the club insist on anyone wearing a mask, if so, how do they implement that? Surely the easiest way is to prohibit entry to anyone who hasn’t got a mask or wearing one, but then once inside the ground, they remove it. Perhaps picking on an odd few and ask them to put the mask on or leave might work as others around them see the situation. Rock and a hard place. I am seriously reconsidering attending with what I’ve heard so far this morning, por cierto.

  13. Coneybhoy >99% of fans don’t wear them in my experience.






    Why would sitting next to bamboo be more risky than sitting next to a jabbed person ? Even the pharma companies are no longer claiming the jabs stop the bug spreading. Jabbed folk who have it can pass it on as easy as others. The claim now is entirely around reducing the risk of serious illness for jabbed folk.



    Bamboo would be no more likely to infect you than any others who have had it.



    Surely a simple solution of a neg lateral flow test 24 hours per game for all would make sense and be safest. It would also fall in with the current direction of travel from Scottish Govt.




    My workplace has a turnstile that takes your temperature and scans for a face mask. No face mask, no entry. So people wear their mask going through the turnstiles and remove it straight after. So you say, if Celtic policed this at the turnstiles, it wouldn’t solve the problem when some take their seats and remove their mask.



    If stadiums are closed again then those that refused to follow the guidelines will have little room to complain imo.

  15. An Dun



    I agree simple measures such as temperature and negative test results could be put in place. Folk would need to be patient on entry but it would be a price worth paying for the pleasure of feeling safe watching the Celtic this season.

  16. BURNLEY78 on 26TH AUGUST 2021 12:00 PM


    An Dun


    “I agree simple measures such as temperature and negative test results could be put in place. Folk would need to be patient on entry but it would be a price worth paying for the pleasure of feeling safe watching the Celtic this season.”



    Best solution yet, por cierto

  17. squire danaher on

    Temperature testing and anything requiring patience on arrival at CP doomed to failure.



    From perspectives of



    1) the percentage who arrive within the window of KO -/+ 10mins


    2) the capacity of the club/police to safely manage the likely bottlenecks

  18. BILLYBHOY1967 on 26TH AUGUST 2021 10:51 AM






    My son had Covid last month. He was in bed for a week with what he described as the worst flu ever.



    Hopefully your symptoms won’t get any worse.




    Can I ask if you were masked up entering and leaving the stadium? I was, and was alarmed at how few were.




    Given the surge in numbers its maybe a blessing that there will be no Tims there on Sunday!





    Sorry to hear your son had a severe dose of COVID and hope he’s feeling better. Yes, I’ve taken the virus seriously and done my best to follow the advice since we first became aware of it. There’s probably been the odd occasion where I’ve slipped up in some way. I’ve worn my mask at all times on the train and entering and throughout my time inside Celtic Park. I also use the hand sanitisers but note that I seem to be in a minority.




    I have not had the chance to fully watch your lady’s film yet but it looks just wonderful.



    On a similar vein, this is a link to a Swedish Blogger, Jonna jinton, who records the “singing ice”. This link is just 4 minutes but she has much longer versions.




  20. TOSB


    Thanks for the clarification.



    Dan is fine now although one of his pals who also caught it while they were doing the West Highland Way still has no taste or smell 7 weeks later!



    Your response – and that of others – has confirmed for me that I won’t be attending any more games until we get this curse back under control.



    My mum is 84 and vulnerable so I just can’t justify the risk.



    I think we’ll be back to 50% capacity soon – although it should be happening immediately.

  21. Weebobbycollins on

    Hrvatski Jim…my wife told me the Lake Baikal ice, thick as it is, is like glass, hence, in the film you see the rescuers peering through the ice looking for the sunken car which they eventually spot.

  22. ernie lynch on 26th August 2021 9:10 am



    You just love JHB don’t you?


    As predictable as ever, no matter the topic or the individuals concerned its all hands to the pump to protect the union!!!!! Three cheers for the red, white and blue!!

  23. Burnley78,



    Your idea sounds great on paper,but in reality,doomed to failure.Far too many arriving at the one time.


    I won’t debate Covid with you as I know you are anti vaccine.Only to say,if you are double jabbed,the risk of passing it on is a lot less likely than if you are not.


    Anyway,stay safe,Hail Hail.

  24. Saying that it would be difficult to police mask wearing does not really hold water.I remember when alcohol,any kind of soft drink,bottles cans,were banned.At first many trying to have a wee bevy on the fly,caught,escorted out.Same with smoking.Caught,escorted out.If clubs don’t want the attendances cut,they must show willing to comply.Does not take long to get compliance when their is a threat.

  25. massive shame that the Ayshire superstar is out of tonight’s game. His impact on euro games has to be up there with the best.



    hopefully available for Sunday. Imagine being roasted by Abada for 60mins and then Forrest comeson!



    Really nervous for tonight after Ange talking about not knowing how we will deal with adversity yet. Have to keep a clean sheet for first 30 mins

  26. WBC,



    Just read the Nestlé article.Jaw dropping.I keep saying,this world is a very bad place.

  27. squire danaher on

    TURKEYBHOY on 26TH AUGUST 2021 1:59 PM



    I agree with you but the issue is policing this.



    Minimum wage stewards can’t be expected to wade in.



    Basically if virus numbers have rocketed after people being allowed into football matches and threading of other restrictions, it’s not rocket science to figures out what’s next.



    Are people prepared to wear a mask as an inconvenience to maximise their chance of getting into football matches?



    Re:smoking – I take it that it’s been a while since you went for a hit and a miss at Celtic Park??

  28. so after all the hoo ha, the The Rangers team is not much affected from last weekend



    Young goalie may be an issue


    Wonder kid in at RB


    No1 choice in at LB


    Arlield in for Kent; a lot of attacking threat denitely but tactically maybe not that bad away from home – Aribo up front, Arfield in the middle



    Probably full strength for Sunday

  29. Coneybhoy


    6 weans on the bench though. If they go behind it could be a very long night.



    Extra time would be good!

  30. Do get the jab guys. It’s not just you you’re protecting, it’s others. A friend of a friend was 41, fit as a fiddle, mountain climber. Died before getting his second jab.