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  1. squire danaher on

    THELURKINTIM on 28TH JULY 2021 9:34 PM



    Timmy7…I could castigate the board on here all night for their seeming lack of effective long-term strategy….hell even mid-term…but to what use (apart from useless venting)…do not mistake my support for the team as a support for the board.






    You may draw a distinction in your own head but the PLC don’t.



    And as long as 48000 keep renewing season tickets because it’s their only excuse for a beer with their pals nothing will ever change.



    Your silence is taken as acquiescence and acceptance.

  2. TheLurkinTim on

    Dessybhoy…that was Peter Lawwell, I’d be surprised and disappointed if Dom parroted that same nonsensical soundbite

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope Peter Lowball enjoyed that,they better get the barriers back out in the car park

  4. The result reflects the failings of the Celtic executive and their penny pinching, trying to save a few £s in every transfer deal, always seemingly going for the cheaper but less gifted & capable player.



    What transfers did we have in the pipeline that will fall through because the incoming player realises we are not a CL club. I suspect the names being talked about in the last week or so as potential targets will evaporate into the ether and the rebuild will be based on poorer quality players who see the Europa League as a step up.



    Edouard tonight failed to live up to his billing as a top striker, he looked off the pace. On the other hand Ralston & Bain who have been savaged over the last week put in very creditable performances. Murray though young and inexperienced was strong and committed and can hold his head high.



    In truth AP has got more out of the players available to him than we saw from the same players last season. His rebuild of the team hasn’t got any easier after tonight.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Some scores being settled on here.



    That’s what anger and frustration does I suppose.



    Get it out your system but remember most of us are hurting Celtic fans.



    Tough watch. Started okayish. Fell away.



    The team lacks talent & depth obviously but also an identity.



    Only way is up but with many bumps along the road.



    PS – there’s a fairly newish poster on here who, for a while, I have suspected is a troll.



    His choice of words tonight confirmed it.



    Enjoy tonight’s morsel troll.



    We’ll be back.

  6. From Bredan Rodgers invincibles to this .



    I’m sure Paul 67 will do an article tomorrow about the guys who are to blame for this absolute shambles. But I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Now, maybe not the best time to get a fair hearing on this but beyond my frustration/ anger with the board etc I am slightly encouraged by some aspects of the two games.


    There are some signs that the defensive fragility is not quite so bad despite the GK situation and effectively having to play the B Team centre backs and a right back who many of us have effectively written off as a first team Celtic player. They did very well and I think that speaks to their managers preparation. Could you imagine that defence under NL???



    I think there is a reasonable amount of belief in Ange amd good will toward him and the players. If he gets the players he wants/ needs and has a good eye for a player he will do well.



    I’m wondering if Dom McKay is finding more institutional deficiencies than he had imagined? Our recruitment of players is staggeringly inefficient (inwards anyway- our outgoings are stunningly good money wise – are we really getting 20 mill for Eddie???)



    Finally, is the Joe Harte thing for real? I’m all for it if so

  8. Go tell the Spartim on

    How many of the board were at the game tonight on another wee jolly at our expense, I expect there to be a response from the support at the first home game.



    The plc have no shame, no doubt the big I am (on here) will be regaling us with his boardroom tales

  9. glendalystonsils on

    Well , that was not unexpected but still thoroughly depressing . Undone by the leakiest sieve in the sieve shop but you can’t blame them for having to bear the burden of getting us through a vital tie when they are either not up to it or not ready for it . As for our ‘talismanic’ striker , whatever fee he earned from tonight’s match , he should donate to charity if he has any shame .


    The worry is , we have virtually nothing to build on and quite a few SPFL teams will be thinking that what Midtjylland can do , we can do too .



    We seem to be going out of European ties to successively weaker and weaker teams each year .


    I can only hope that tonight’s debacle enables Ange to exert a bit of leverage on the powers that be .

  10. TLT


    No it wasnt it was McKay, World Class in everything he said and broke it down into 3 areas Business Communication and Football

  11. vinniethedog on

    We have absolutely no MEN in the team…..thought that was Greg Taylors worst game ….Turnvull all nice touches and flicks….but couldn’t tackle a fish supper……..they beat us because they were bigger stronger fitter …certainly not better players ….but I’d take the big 6ft 4 centre back strong as an ox …..not sure another 4 would fix it

  12. all of a sudden every one and the granny has now realised how poor or current squad and coaching staff are , certain individuals on here having been saying it on here only to be lambasted for having the audacity to speak out against the team, wise up and open your eyes.

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Those having a go at the Board !!!!!!


    Easy target – our Board went all in on Eddie Howe (IMHO great choice)


    Eddie bottled it (I still believe the PL house fire scared him)


    Waiting on Eddy was a poor decision


    So we are left at the Altar



    AP has his work cut out and we have no idea if he is good enough for the job




  14. Thought like in most games, Christie gave his all.



    Gets a hard time from the fans.



    Does he actually want to leave or does/did he just want parity with better paid and less productive teammates?

  15. timmy7_noted on

    Headinthesand 78


    Cannon fodder like you have allowed the status quo on these islands to remain for hundreds of years. If someone shits in your garden do you send them a thank you card and invite them to the bbq?

  16. We are living proof you can have too many footballers in the team … most of them wanting too many touches … so teams just drop back and wait to we tire , game stretches .. etc



    Player profile needs a mix of brain , speed and brawn … we will need to take a few sore ones like tonight … we have no target man worth talking about at the moment and in the short term if we can fix that our ball retention should see us hitting the back of the net ….



    There are no certainties against the Czechs in the next round so another deep breath for that tie

  17. IniquitousIV on

    102 days without a manager, after the previous one should have been sacked months earlier. How many new signings finished the game? None. No planning, no foresight, no execution of a single positive by our previous evasive, lying CEO. We keep reading these ‘Recruitment Drive’ articles that are supposed to connote urgency. Utter pap. The first 2 we sign are not considered good enough to play, even as a sub. Sevco sign 2 and in they go against Real Madrid. They obviously have a strategy whereas we muddle along cluelessly.

  18. See this idea of not being able to get players because we aren’t in the CL, it’s nonsense.



    The number one reason we might be able to attract players is giving them a substantially bigger wage than they would get elsewhere. Otherwise Eddie, Armstrong etc etc would not be leaving Celtic and European football for clubs who are unlikely to get a sniff at it.



    There are no excuses for not pursuing quality players we can afford to pay, CL or no CL

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.



    Take the piss for years and years is too much.

  20. I hope Ange is very very good at his job. I hope he is able to solve all of our ills.


    I hope the board give him more backing than they have so far.


    By not going for the DoF model, or allowing him his own backroom team, we have really made life difficult.


    Good luck, big man.



    Big Ange has the look of a PATSY,shame seems a decent sort.







    Puts me in mind of BTM.

  22. Quite a few say give big Ange a chance,,, the moment he was told and he was told to accept Strachan and ken a diddy it was game over , time will tell I suppose!

  23. For those seeing positives from tonight a reminder that Midtjylland are as poor a side we have faced in Europe, there are no positives and, yes we are worse !

  24. Malone – Ryan is an honest professional and gives his all. He was under par last season. Looks better so far.this year. No idea if he wants away but he is at least doing his job while we wait to find out. Eddie would be well advised to take note .

  25. Ekbhoy…agree re a strong target man…we need to be able to mix up our game tactics strategy…keeping yer opponents guessing seems to have been lost to us