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  1. The goal from Ralston keeps the spirits up after what was another fall off after a great start in Europe.



    I’m very confident we’ll beat Betis at Celtic Park and even more confident we’ll have European football after Christmas.



    All eyes on Sunday now. They may be bottom but we’ve a job to do and an away record that needs improvement.

  2. More diving and Gerrard claiming, nasty manager



    We do need to learn how to combat that at NY though. We gave away frees in last time trying to tackle. Maybe stand off and let the dumplings have it and keep shape

  3. was a physical game – huns didnt get away with their usual hun thuggery – Lyon looked like they could have stepped up. huns rely on delivery, fouls and set plays. ugly to watch.



    denayer was immense!

  4. PHILBHOY on 16TH SEPTEMBER 2021 9:56 PM




    You’ve admitted it on CQN.



    I admitted that I sit in the main stand , that’s what you asked

  5. We were the only team playing in the Europa League tonight to score exactly 3 goals. Pity we played against the only team to score 4.

  6. “ Listen, we’re still Sevco , ahem Rainjurz we’re pure unlucky without a shot on goal Celtic are fenian bast*rds and the main thing is, at the end of the day, when the dust settles, as the moon goes down, we had wee Nosferatu, and Bob McLean in here, telling bears like it is “



    Super Salary



    Nite Philbhoy…unlike some…you’ll wake up a Tim ;-))



    so will I, only want the best for my team , I can be critical but I mean well



    night all



  8. First home defeat in the Europa League for the Sevvies.



    They are worse than last season and struggling g badly to score. A permanent decline or a temporary one – a question they’ll be stewing over as they go to bed tonight

  9. I liked Soro. But I now think he has football skills but not a football brain. How can the latter be rectified or is it something you either have or don’t?

  10. Just reading that only first place in the group is guaranteed a place in the next round. Runners-up will play off against a team dropping down from the Champions League.

  11. Watching that Lyon training session tonight was a reminder of how fortunate Ronny Deila was to have both Denayer and VvD wearing the hoops at the same time.


    We never can get all the stars to align at the same time to give us the perfect 11. Always a couple not quite at the top level.


    Maybe one day.

  12. Always disappointed after any defeat


    but if this board do not recognize we have an outstanding talent in this manager


    then all is lost

  13. Davidopoulos @ 5.25pm



    Good and bad are concepts created in our own minds. In reality they are just related to events that occur independent of our being or consciousness. We must accept those events – we must not let them affect our state of being.





    Cosmic evrnts like extinction events yes….but



    This has been bugging me…human events can intrinsically be labelled good or bad based on a fluid morality…generally we label these things legal or illegal. Historically; slavery, the burning of heretics, hell, even genocide was legal… therefore moral. Thankfully morality evolves or becomes enlightened and those things that were legal become repugnant…so we should let events affect our state of being…hope this makes sense