The players, the manager and the board


Celtic controlled the first half at Easter Road without really troubling Hibernian.  That control shattered when Nir Bitton and, more culpably, Scott Brown, combined to concede an unnecessary foul then penalty.  The subsequent lack of urgency to follow Scott Bain’s save and daydreaming at the second Hibs goal was typical Celtic season 2020-21.

You were not surprised at the outcome.  Before the game I wrote a piece on Newco’s accounts (it is important and I will pick it up during the week) but I knew when I was writing it there was a more than decent chance we would have to address this matter instead.

The players have first responsibility to resolve matters, then the manager, then the board.  Doubtless there have been several iterations of attempted fixes, but none have been effective. It is not too late to rescue our season but it will be soon.

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  1. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 6:39 PM



    I think we know that football is more nuanced than simply about what people have won.



    Di Matteo won the CL and Pochettino has won nothing. One can’t get a job for love or money, the other is being linked with the biggest jobs in the game.



    Lennon had won nothing before coming to Celtic and will win nothing elsewhere. I’m not saying the names mentioned will be a success but I hope our next appointment is assessed slightly more deeply than whether they’ve picked up a cup or two. Let’s not forget, BR had won nothing before coming to Celtic and he wasn’t bad.



    PS I’m assuming by the “Leeds guy” you mean Bielsa. Not quite true that he has won “hee haw” is it? 😉

  2. TURKEYBHOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 6:52 PM



    He had 3 strikers on the bench and 1 on the park.


    When he eventually decided to make a change at 2 nil down it was striker for a striker.


    You could not make it up.


    He is not even thinking clearly anymore.

  3. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    If you have any doubts – think on this.



    When we went 2-0 down the full coaching staff thought that a like for like change was needed – let that sink in…



    We need 3 goals to win and our coaching staff thought a system that wasn’t working in the first half and certainly not working at 2-0 down was going to win us the game…



    I was going to go on about other things but I’m done – please see above.




  4. TB 6.52pm



    That is my train of thought …



    But, I think Neil went with the bhoys who won 4-1 at fir park

  5. Geebee



    Maybe Bielsa won the championship but I was using my poetic licence …



    Apologies for not being factually correct … BUT he is the one manager Celtic couldn’t even think about attracting

  6. GENE



    Not for me mate.



    I want an experienced manager whose taller than most of the players, in case things get rough.

  7. TURKEYBHOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 6:46 PM









    check the amount of money the much maligned Board gave to Brendan Rodgers in his time with us.You will find its around 30 million.Not paltry with the finances we have available.



    Not sure what your point is TB?

  8. Anyhow … better go .. work tomorrow and all that guff … hope the “shoppers” going into Buchanan galleries or even for a bit of window shopping realise “essential” travel is only if it’s essential



    “If” (my favourite wee 2 letter word” Neil wins the Scottish cup on the 20th December and defies all logic and wins the title in May 2021 … I am having an isolation title party and only I am invited …



    Oh yes sir … I can boogie 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿



    Fellow Tims (& Hun interlopers) … stay safe & god bless

  9. GFTB on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 7:04 PM



    And multiple league titles in Argentina and trophies in Spain….revolutionalised Chilean football and was a big influence on Pep.



    I agree we wouldn’t be able to attract him but I don’t think anybody’s seriously saying we would.

  10. Anyone turning their nose up at the likes of Dyche is talking through a hole in their proverbial!


    You don’t get a team in to the EPL twice and then keep them in it for a couple of years without being bloody good at getting a team fit and organised!


    The Championship play 44 games in a season. They have some big clubs in it with decent players, players who would walk over a lot of the dross up here in their sleep. The schedule is relentless so totation is a must.


    The EPL has better players, better coaches and more tactical awareness, so keeping a Mickey Mouse club like Burnley in it, is like winning something every year IMHO!


    I’d love it, just love it as KK would say if we had the ambition and bottle to appoint SD!

  11. gene



    Shaun was on Radio 5 a while back, sounded like a school boy. And not High school either.


    Was looking out for him during the recent Belgium-England game, couldn’t see any sign of him,


    coulda be hiding behind wee Martinez though.

  12. While sevco are being sometimes facillitated re the goal difference wouldnt it be brilliant if,despite their +85gd ,we beat them to the league by a single point.lol





  13. Croppybhoy- good to see on,hope you are well, Dyche would be a great appointment, he’s been unhappy with the lack of support from the board at Burnley, and he’s probably hit the ceiling there,new owners might be different.Whisper it but I think when managers look at Rodgers coming here,it shows that you can improve your profile, but we will always come back to the Lawwell Factor when talking about any new manager. HH

  14. CROPPYBHOY on 22ND NOVEMBER 2020 7:14 PM



    Very good points and I would say the same to a slightly lesser extent about Eddie Howe. Granted he spent more money but he took a smaller club from the lower leagues to the top-flight and did it playing attractive football.



    His problem is that relegation was always inevitable and he maybe stayed on a year too long and it has hit his reputation.



    However, again I don’t think we’re in a position to turn our noses up at coaches like that. Not saying he’s the messiah or that he’d even be a guaranteed success but he’d still be a massive step up to what we have and as BR would tell you, Celtic isn’t a bad place to come if your reputation needs a slight lift.

  15. IMO the problems in order of culpability are 1. Desmond 2. Lawell 3. Lennon 4. Brown , even the most organized disgruntled fan revolt might only be capably of removing 4 3 2 , witch will still leave us with Desmond , he may be our biggest hindrance or our best Allie because without him where would we be ? Frying pan /fire ,devil you know etc……. In other words as a previous poster said I dunno what we should do or where we go from here , what I do know is that im scunnered , how the fek did we flip from total domination to looking like its only going to get worse , simply changing the manager imo is a sticking plaster for bigger issues , sorry for the negative posts folks goodnight .

  16. Gene



    We might be In a tin pot league but Slippy came to the Huns!


    Was it for the history of them? Tin pot didn’t bother him be cause he is getting paid good money !


    Did Brendan come for the history or did £2M a year sway him?


    In professional sport, you get what you pay for. In Rodgers we had an EPL manager and coaching staff getting EPL money and we saw the improvement in player performance that bought!


    When he left we cut that budget by about 60-80 % and we are now seeing what that buys us!


    It’s pretty simple.


    The board would have more of my admiration if they came out and said that’s what we are doing and why!


    Instead they insult our intelligence with garbage such as “No one will come!”




    Within a week of joining the huns Slippy Gee said “we’ve been badly treated by referees for years” so he must have known something about the history!



    No laughing at the back!

  18. I don’t think a starting 11 should be selected because the manager thinks they deserves it , but the starting 11 should be selected depending on the analysis of the opposition’s set-up /formation/ style of play etc , there in lies the problem with our current manage/coaching team selection process

  19. Croppybhoy


    we are all to quick to look at teams in England and belittle them because of the size of the support. We currently wouldn’t compete in the EFL championship. A manager like SD would be an improvement.

  20. Managers normaly work with their own coaching team.


    Unlikely to be a change of manager prior to the end of the season.


    Perhaps a solution could be quality additions to the coaching team.


    Fitness and defence are an issue so the likes of Johan Mjällby if he could be tempted from Stockholm along with John Collins ? to the end of the season?

  21. Turkey Bhoy


    We have no problems with Ismail Soro, getting married



    You tell me


    How many professional football players get married during the football playing Calender (season)


    Or how many travel several thousand miles to get married knowing they then have to self isolate for 14 days on return ??



    My comment on Soro, was in response to people stating he should play on Thurs against Sparta Prague



    Now have the decency to explain why we thought it correct to allow her m to return to his home land, get married, then miss another couple of weeks football ???


    Tells me he is nowhere near our team



    Now explain that you ignoramus

  22. lets all do the huddle on




    not sure why you singled brown out from the players to have individual culpability for our predicament



    what about the rest of them?



    what about the ones who dont want to be there?



    what about weak wee boys we have that have no dig or strength



    what about the defenders who cant defend



    or the 6-foot-plus players who cant win headers



    the make up of our squad needs fundamentally changed



    we need a physically bigger, faster and stronger squad of players who have technical ability as well



    i know it wont happen but might as well dream