Don’t blame defenders, this one was down to tactics


It’s a well-established fact that we don’t have Beckenbauer and Baresi at the back, so the reason why we chose to play so high up the field is the most alarming element of last night’s debacle.

Dedryck was bound to misplace a pass, or Efe was bound to misread play. We all knew this. Regret over the last time mistakes like this were made doesn’t mean they won’t happen again. So when the inevitable occurred, our two full backs were 30 yards in front of the line of opposition attack, with our defensive mids well into opposition territory.

Efe’s failure to cover Kamara and Dedryck’s pass were consequences of the main mistake of the night, which was tactical.  We didn’t lose the opening goal because of a bad pass, it was lost because we left an acre of Norway unattended.

Ronny, you should never have left so much space at the back away from home in Europe, we’re clearly not good enough for such an open system, not even close.  We’ve learned nothing since what was supposed to be a lesson in Warsaw, when the same expansive errors cost us.  Molde played rope-a-dope football, they could have watched us against Malmo, Maribor and Legia, as each opened their home games against us in exactly the same manner.

It must be an absolute joy to face a European opponent at home who leaves so much space at the back, begging to be exploited.  If we had played with the same tactics we used in Amsterdam I’ve no doubt we would have won the game – no one in that Molde squad would get into the Celtic team.

There’s more.  After dominating possession and creating genuine chances, the defeat looked inevitable from the 11th minute when we went behind. Body language changed in an instant and Celtic went out like a light.  I’ll spare you what I said at the time in case it’s misconstrued, but the evidence suggests there’s more to worry about than repeating the same tactical mistakes.

Celtic have nine months and one and a half transfer windows to get ready for the next Champions League qualifiers.  There’s plenty of time to put things right, but we can’t sleepwalk into another failure.  More immediately, we could be out of a cup if we don’t pull our act together this week.

The original Holy Goalie, our own John Fallon, will be signing copies of his book, and no doubt giving you his thoughts on current events, at the Supporters’ Club on London Road on Sunday from 12:30.  All are welcome.  There’s live entertainment too, so get along and check it out.

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  1. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    SOAL, the lead dude with the stray cats chucked his harmonica into the crowd and it hit me bang square. right between the eyes. It dropped right at my feet and as I bent down to pick it up some CNUT stood on my hand.



    That was my first date with the size 22. I should have taken it as an omen and burned the witch in the woods.

  2. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    RIP Maureen O’Hara. A very beautiful and intelligent woman who would never have put up wi the likes of me.



    She love the bold fenian boys and I love her for loving them.

  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    SOAL was that belter or belt her?



    I’m not a violent man but I’m willing to take advice.

  4. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    These Nazi zombies all look like walter smith. I need to sit futher away from the telly.

  5. If Ronny picks Kris Commons, and I think he is likely to, then he is finished as Celtic BOSS.



    All this New Age jibber jabber disnae work IMO. People are still as Selfish as they can possibly be.



    It is human nature because, well because.



    Still conCERNed about the crap that is really going down.



    Those that have the littlest give the most because they have Total Belief in Jesus Christ and him alone. Like little children.

  6. New Age pick n mix Christianity is the flavour of the Month.



    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a Renowned Jesuit, a Mystic one at that.



    For me, he is an AntiChrist, there are so many like him, who would willingly say that Christ didn’t conquer death, that Christ didn’t die to take away the Sins of the World, that Christ actually is God, who stepped into his Creation and became a Man, and died to save Mankind.



    Whats going On.



    John Lennon a fully paid up Theosophist, a believer that Satan was the Good Guy in the Garden.



    Wake {(UP)}.

  7. Never forget that the First Commandment is the one that is the target, the Bullseye.



    Wake Up to this global warming/climatechange, err I mean Global Change agenda.



    The Final Conclave.



    Change Marxism






    Never forget that Christ is always with you, just call on him if you have no where else to turn to. Oh My God.

  8. Petec


    gooooooood morning



    just poppinf in for a min,


    Hope to catch up with you soon sir.

  9. Two things Kept Me going and Alive the Last 20 Odd Years..



    The Serenity Prayer..for its Wisdom..and a Much used phrase in Celtic land..‘Our Day Will Come’ for Hope..



    Tonight l Introduced My Best Friend Who happens to be My Little Sister to My 24 Yr Old Daughter..They had Met before..



    A Hour later a Pal said to me..’They 2 Seem Very Close do they Catch up Often..?’



    l Replied Not really this is the First time in 22 Years..



    If You could Bottle and Sell Happiness..Tonight l Would be a Multi Millionaire..



    But the Serenity Prayer Taught Me..Money can’t Buy You Love..



    Love buys You Love..



    and Hope buys You Time..

  10. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    morning all – woke at 6 for wee wee, couldn’t get back to sleep : not the worst start to a day there’s ever been.



    mon the hoops

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Always look on the positive, at least you woke up before said weewee



    The clouds are clearing in ML5, would love Ronny to go with Kris, Leigh & Nadir from the off today




  12. So…..whats it gonna be today?



    A. Commons starts, it is all forgotten and the message is sent loud and clear that we have moved on or perhaps that now anyone can get away with the same behaviour.



    B. Commons benched, slap on the wrist and brought down a peg or 2. Opens up the scenario for the fans to show their approval/disapproval of him if he gets brought on as a sub and if he isn’t, speculation rumbles on until next match.



    C. Completely dropped from squad to send a message to Kris and every player at the club that that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Thunder Road



    Kris has to start today, you play your best players, more to the point is Stefan Johansen starting ? Because he has been rubbish for a number of weeks/months, will say more about Ronny if he continues with a player out of form never mind one who has just scored but had a wee hissy fit

  14. Hope Celtic go top of the league today….and they should.


    Still canny take to this Ronny guy.


    Indeed, any guy brought in by PL.


    Neil was the type to get the place Timmed-up….until the board reigned him in then, from that point on….Celtic FC have been toothless tigers.


    Moving on to Wednesday….Celtic should win…but….Ronny is in charge and, he disny know how to fight dirty and, Celtic FC will always have to fight a dirty fight in Scottish football.


    I wouldny be too surprised if we eff that game up as well.


    Should it mean the end of Ronny?


    Probably but…..Ronny is a drop in the apathetic ocean that has engulfed Celtic FC since, the end of Neil’s second season….so, sacking him will merely paper over the cracks…the ole Celtic are World Champions at that.


    I think that, Johnny Collins would provide the right good hard boot up the a#se that the dressing room badly needs. Cronyism-cliques-egotistical-dreamers-chancers-duds….their all there, waiting to be managed.


    Johnny Collins would rip-off his shirt,show them his six-pack and ask them why they urny the same, and that they had better be the same by whatever deadline he would put on it.


    Boot the erses, put the noses oot of joint….tell them it’s his way or, the high way.


    Every dressing room when it’s called to arms will have, the ‘Heid’ types who’ll round-up a posse of dummy-spitters to go to the chairman / CEO about JC and stab him in the back…..but. JC knows that.


    A Celtic team going onto the pitch in the shape of the, Johnny Collins captained Celtic side that, went to ibrokes with out any Celtic fans in 1994 and, almost wrote a chapter of Legends for themselves but, a sclaffy hun equaliser that, deflectd off Tom Boyd’s back and…into the net denied Celts who led from a, fantastic Johnny Collins fk…right into the orc net…..brilliant.


    I think that JC would kick much needed ass in the dressing room but….I canny see him getting the job coz…he isny a puppet.


    If it wisny the hun-masonic-kotowing-feckers-that-turn-managers-into-puppets that run Celtic FC then, a shot in the dark appointment of a management team for me would be…..Jim McIntyre and, Barry Robson.


    There’s talk about Brendan Rodgers?


    DD’s pal-puppet?


    Ah widny take him coz….he tries to play football the way that Celtic managers tried to play football in the early 90’s and, were all sacked as managerial failures.


    Steve Nieve type of football that always ended up with a mugging.


    Well done to big Mark McGhee yesterday….another, underdog-non-puppet-manager.


    Roy Croppie – Your a Celtic Legend fella – Thanks.


    Yer pics that include the ole Jungle in the background take me back to the days when, Celtic were…..Celtic.


    Yer pics of Kenny Dalglish….the best player that I have seen in the hoops…the best Celic player ever….imho….the best player ‘ever’ to play football in the British Isles….imho…thank you again.


    Philbhoy – I hope Olivia and the family are well – Hail Hail


    BlantyreTim – I hope things go well for the ‘big’ Fella today.



  15. Thunder Road got tax be C for me, no matter the grievance you cannot have players showing dissent like that otherwise where does it stop? Ball is in Ronnie,s court now, either he comes through it and get,s it together or he is history, results it,s all about results now. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  16. Anybody in the BV pre/post match. Ritchie got your thing sorted got some paperwork for you, jeez K is a hard man to find. H H Hebcelt

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Even Ronny can’t stop us going top of the league, if you have a wee look we are already there

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    The last time we came back from an ole Euro disappointment and played a team from the land of jam we won 6-0.



    We’re more than capable of doing the same today, unleash our inner flat track bully.

  19. BRISBANE 67...Sack Deila. More of Peter Lawwell # Serving up Tripe & Trialists since 2003 on

    A resounding win against Utd will make everything all right. We will have the Ronnie roar, the Ostriches will be vindicated and we will all continue to sink together in our dreamlike Utopian fantasia.



    Let’s hope otherwise. Ronnie plays one up front. We get beat 5 nil. He gets sacked before we have our dinner. We move on.

  20. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    We have at least 4 flies in the ole selection ointment- Efe,Emilio, Commons and Johansen.



    The Unfailing Novena of Mary Undoer of Knots might be useful the day.

  21. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Call me ole fashioned but i can’t see any merit in wantin’ to see the ole Celts get beat; especially at home.



    I think since the team’s ina bit of trouble I’ll risk the wrath of the GFITW and go along and support them.

  22. Gftb



    I think the fact that Johansen remained on the pitch again when he was anonymous again was Commons real issue on Thursday night……just my reading of the situation though……no facts to back it up.


    Perhaps he would still have acted as he did as he had been the one to manage our only goal and would have been weeweed off at that anyway.


    We all see Johansens inclusion regardless of contribution and it must have been raising eyebrows in the squad a long time ago and has perhaps created a real sore point for some in our squad.



    I had a wee look back at our last 10 games prior to Molde and Johansen has been in and out lately perhaps because of injury or just because there are so many games or perhaps because he has been getting dropped, but i doubt that one.



    Anyway……out of those 10 games he only started 5.


    3 of 10 were European games and he started every one of them.


    The other 2 games were versus Aberdeen and Raith(which he scored in)



    The European games are obviously tougher fixtures and the Aberdeen game away is probably our toughest domestic fixture so id say he is highly regarded to be chosen for these games and has perhaps been rested in between.


    Its a team game and results don’t come down to one man, although sometimes one man can make the difference!


    I know that’s a contradiction but i hope you know what i mean!



    Anyway…..out of the 5 games he started we won 1(Raith) drew 2 and lost 2.



    The 5 he missed were all league games in which we won 4 and drew 1(Hearts)



    Perhaps we would have won those games with him and perhaps the European games would have been the same without him but id say we have done better without him…….maybe the team feel the same way?



    Going to be very interesting to see how Ronny chooses to go today!

  23. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    No Celtic fan wants to see us defeated



    I have been anti board on here for many a year but never would I wish for a defeat



    No Duracell bunny today and I’ll be happy, start Allen and Rogic


    Drop KC and SJ

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I like Stef J as a player but he isn’t playing well just now so any manager worth his salt swallows his pride and plays his best players, at a very low amateur level I have been in Kris Commons position many times, in fact I don’t think I ever got on well with any manager but it’s forgot about as soon as the next game starts, all this nonsense about showing who is the boss is mince, you play your best players and definitely the ones who are actually scoring